Germany is finally getting it's @thepine64 love! Better late then never.. Looking forward to Pinebook Pro's arrival as well!

Someone has to find a cure soon.. People started to loose their minds already..

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So my Apple Watch is now gone for good.

I don't think that people should be *that* connected, that trackable, or forced to be hostage to every push notification that comes through.

Yes you can try "Do Not Disturb".

Yes you can selectively turn off notifications.

It's not granular enough, though. It's still painful. It can't learn useful patterns, it doesn't organically alter your notification types by geofencing or time of day, or type of app. Maybe I don't want all notifications for Instagram, but I want notifications for specific user. etc etc

This data is not enriching your lives. You don't need to know how many steps you take or what your heart rate is (unless you have a medical condition). You don't need to know how many miles you ran in your exercise.

You are paying to generate worthless data that you think is clever and enriching your life, but it's not.

The Apple Watch did one thing that I didn't expect: made me love watches again, which I haven't cared about since I got my first smartphone.

We are on the brink of a Notifications fatigue. We had this in the past, and it was with email.

Remember spending so much of your day dealing with email? The tedious, monotonous, worthless time you spent obsessing over your inboxes? That's what we're doing with notifications, except it's tricking us to respond to shitposts at lightning speed and start fights and amp up our anxiety to 11 all day long.

We can do better.
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@kev I deleted my FB last Spring. Never looked back. I don't even miss it a little. It's been lifechanging for me to get away from FB and EVERYONE on it. Hard to say that about so many old friends, but I gave them other options to keep in touch. Out of 500+ people only a handful even bothered. So that what FB really is for all of us, a lot of fake friends who will voice their 2 cents on anything in your life, but not care even 1 bit about you.

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Thank you all for the comments and help. Here is my very first project written with what I learned until now on JS. I appreciate the comments on how I could improve the code or if there is a more elegant way to do this.. Thanks!

Hi everybody, is JavaScript the right language to learn for a starter?

@kev Hi mate, which service did you use to make your avatar? Or made it yourself on GIMP?


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