Has your phone stopped receiving software updates? Wait before tossing it away: might give your device a second life. Consider to overcome software obsolescence and reduce e-waste. 🌳 upcyclingandroid.org/
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Got a new alert in my Mozilla Job Feed last night for a Senior Product Manager, Ad Products


Can’t say I’m overly keen on where this is heading if you combine it with the Senior Product Manager, Shopping position that also popped up


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Busy week for but at least we can show off new stuff!

📣 As of today, there's a Keyoxide Android app 🎉

It's a client much like the website (so no key editing just yet…) and will allow you to verify identities in pretty much the same way: copy-paste a fingerprint or email address and voilà!

And soon supporting QR code scanning for easier input!

Also in the process of putting on :fdroid:!

Big 👏👏👏 for our very own @Seferi who developed it!

Blog post: blog.keyoxide.org/now-on-andro

@codeberg Is there a 'get it on codeberg' logo ? Like this one: f-droid.org/badge/get-it-on.pn

I would love to use it to link to the releases page. It would be awesome!

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Today is Aaron Swartz birthday. Because of him, we have Creative Commons (development), Reddit (co-founder), Watchdog.net, Open Library, DeadDrop, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Demand Progress (co-founder), ThoughtWorks, and Tor2web.

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Centralised messenger Signal has just announced that they are making part of their server software closed source. They claim it is to fight spam, but by using closed source they make it impossible for outsiders to verify the truth. This is worrying.

We really, really need a fully open, decentralised alternative to Signal.

There are several alternatives being developed, please support them:

➡️ @snikket_im

➡️ @xmpp

➡️ @matrix

➡️ @delta

➡️ @briar

➡️ @Jami

#Signal #Alternatives #Privacy

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Researchers succeed in REWINDING a GAN to reveal the training data. Exposing security and risk.

"The work raises some serious privacy concerns. “The AI community has a misleading sense of when sharing trained deep neural network models,” says Jan Kautz, vice president of learning and perception research at Nvidia. "

"In theory this kind of attack could apply to other data tied to an individual, such as or data."


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What is a good for a flutter app? As in, does the fact that it exports to multiple platforms influence the license choice?

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Did you know: Software needs a free license to be considered as "free"? Adding no license means that all copyright remains to you by default.

Please check that your repos are under a proper free and open-source software or content licence.

Also check the new article about licensing that was contributed to the Docs a few days ago docs.codeberg.org/getting-star

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October Update:

Introducing the - $399

and PinePhone Pro pre-orders are now open to developers & shipping this year!

major firmware progress & project management update


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It is so nice when technology works.

Got myself some train tickets (I like trains! 🚆 ), confirmation went to my e-mail address which I self-host using @yunohost.

I read the e-mail in the Mail app on my @nextcloud instance (on the same yunohost server), and of course it helpfully suggested I add the travel dates and relevant info into my Nextcloud calendar.

We *can* have nice things. Anyone who says #FLOSS cannot be user-friendly is lying through their teeth.

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Dear developers, you encounter an open source project and feel enticed to check out their community. Discord is mentioned as the only place where the discussions take place.

Your reaction?

A - Great, I already have an account anyway.
B - Ok, I'd be willing to join if the project is interesting enough.
C - Not ok, I will not be part of those discussions.
D - Other (see comment)

Boosts appreciated (research for blog post).

@codeberg Is it possible to cherry-pick a commit from one branch to another?

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We went from the Turing Test, where a computer tries to convince a human that it is not a computer but a real person, to Captchas, where humans try to convince a computer they're a real person, not a computer.

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