Google sent me a "free" nest mini speaker. Thought that I'd sell it on ebay. Looks like everyone had the same idea, hundreds listed, 0 bids on most.

Can I ethically gift it to someone? I have no interest in having one in my house.

Arch is even on payment terminals now... anyone who runs arch in production deserves whatever happens next

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✅ buy camera and gear
✅ shoot video
✅ watch video
✅ hear my own voice
✅ delete video, delete camera, delete laptop

Steam Vr for works well enough. Playing some Star Trek Bridge Commander later through

I just ordered a in the boxing day sales, for use on . A niche inside a niche inside a niche

It's that magical time of year where is wearing an hat

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PSA: Just because we write about something, doesn't mean we're "fanboys" of it, as some silly reply mentioned recently.

We're a news site, we post news, it's our job. We also aren't zealots about Gaming On Linux in a particular way.

If we write about something you don't like: suck it up. We can't please everyone, with every single article about a game or hardware or service.

I take too much pleasure in telling my kid that I am dad, when they proclaim they are hungry

what a time to be alive, you can play 's flagship franchise on on linux with a playstation 4 controller

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I remember reading something about Facebook introducing ads to Whatsapp in 2020?
I hope they make it so intrusive that they force you to watch a 10 second Ad before the app opens. And then flash full screen ads before every chat you open.
I hope this forces people to uninstall this shit.

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never a god thing

plus it takes forever to happen while I sit here waiting, hiding from people

The tragedy of This is a really good watch, with a really good title

If aliens are viewing our TV and Internet, they'd think the american government was the world's government.

I mean our government is pretty crazy at the moment too, but there is so much coverage and people talking about this buffoon half a world away.

Playing with 1.0 - it's come a long way from the slow clunky UI they had the last time I used it.

Interesting idea to offer a privacy node

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