why do a lot of Americans say "bolth" and not "both"?

88, new tab page now matches your ! Breeze Dark now has dark new tabs. Finally!

has a mode! my eyes when I discover a project at 23:41 in the evening will be saved!

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there is a certain rebelliousness in buying on to play under Linux with anything other than an Xbox controller

Got a 8T to replace my 6

120hz screen is almost worth the upgrade

New logos just landed in F34!

Who's running a Facebook OS now, Karen?

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If your operating system requires you to turn off advertising features you've picked the wrong operating system.


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Nope nope nope. 21:9 is horrible and it sucks. you aren't gaining wider space, you are losing vertical space. Its dumb and feels wrong all over. its tiny and squished no no no. just stop the ultrawide scam. it's a way to sell you smaller monitors for more money. its awful and you know it! Stop now!

I have never twitch streamed before - but trying out Doom Eternal in the Plasma Wayland session and found a flatpak for obs that supports pipewire. Thought I'd give it a go


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there are days as a that all I do is watch status bars.

I'm currently watching an Exchange Online Mailbox Migration, and RAID rebuild. Last night I was watching the on-prem Exchange server install security updates.

What status bar are you currently watching?

Told a moron in accounting today that the covid and covid vaccine conspiracy theories she was spouting were absolute nonsense and a bunch crap and suggested that Facebook was not the best place to "do her research"

Forgot she's good friends with the HR manager, hope she doesn't complain... Will be awkward next time I need an invoice paid in the very least

The last of my issues under Wayland appear solved by turning on Webrender.all in about:config.

Found some clipboard issues from some gtk apps, but I think this may be a distro bug.

5.21 might be the release I spend more time in Wayland than

@kde I have spent the entire workday (2 hours remaining) under (5.20.90)
wayland is behaving, webrtc screen sharing working via pipewire. Some weir d window placement for and Freerdp/KRDC has to be forced to run under Xwayland to function.

All round good effort

The new application launcher is pretty nice, reminds be of the old Lancelot Launcher in the days.

Testing on 5.21 - seems much improved. Still some weirdness with Firefox under Wayland, runs fine in xwayland. same for xfreerdp.

sometimes it seems like the distance to a perfect wayland session will always be a non-zero number. If you forever halve the distance to something, you never actually reach it

I have finally gone . Corasir K70 low profile. I must admit the typing experience is quite nice, I grew up with model m knock off keyboards (and worked in data centres with similar), but in recent years had enjoyed the typing experience of mac island keyboards (specifically a backlit clone).

I think I can see what the hype is about

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