5.19 Beta, nice improvements.
We're so close with . My remaining rough edges are

KRDC not embedding rdp windows (this might currently be a wayland protocol limitation)

Clipboard from Xwayland app doesn't work (apparently the patches are almost finished, but didnt make it to 5.19)

SteamVR is a no go (Lack of DRM Leasing I believe).

sentence I never expected...

"my light bulb has a firmware update"

I've been grumbling to myself about being owned by for awhile now. But I was comfortable, it's a nice keyboard. But the overt Microsoft branding on it now has me motivated to find an alternative.

What keyboards do the fediverse use? FOSS or otherwise

Hey look gave me a play next section in my library to remind me that I buy games in their stupid sales and never play them

Do you consider using Fedora as beta testing for Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

Saw this expressed online today, I have an opinion on this, but interested in what others think.

Out of the most popular browsers out there, the only ones not having ad and tracker blocking by default are , and ...

What does that tell you... 🤔

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RT @naomibrockwell@twitter.com

Today for the first time, a video on my @LBRYio@twitter.com got more views than the same video on my YT channel.
Today I also reached 10k subs on LBRY, compared to 35k on YT.
& my latest video made almost $300 on LBRY, while on YT it was demonetized.
We're starting to have real alternatives.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/naomibrockwell/sta

Schools brought up entirely online learning here this week, including our state school in #office365 and #Azure. Guess who didn't capactity plan? 

Microsoft, thanks guys for all the headaches this week.

Who'd have thought sending all the critical services offsite would be a good idea?

Donnie Darko

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Are you tired of the Internet - and technology in general - being effectively controlled by an oligopoly of Silicon Valley companies?

Do you believe in our collective people power to truly change the system?

Does a vision of a society sound good where we care about the well-being of ourselves, our loved ones, our communities and the world we live in, instead of caring about money and consumerism ?

If the answer to any of these is yes and "digital activism" sounds good to you, then stay tuned.

Watching some of the more popular Youtube Tech channels that usually have really high production value working from home, and thus knocking the editing and shooting quality down a peg, and it feels nice, like the youtube of old.

Youtube before it became a multi-million dollar enterprise


If you haven't tried Mozilla's newer lighter weight mobile browser yet, I highly recommend. It even supports extensions now!

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Do you know those video games where you walk around with a little lantern and slowly parts of the map start to light up until you get a sense of where you are? That's what it feels like being a selftaught . Except the map is never ending and sometimes randomly leads you into a ravine.

Plasma 5.18
Session... We are so close!

So smooth and snappy feeling!

Last Papercuts for me:
-KRDC cant embed xfreerdp session, limitation of Wayland I believe

-No Wacom Tablet support yet
-SteamVR is borked

-Yakuake Terminal appears over your mouse not at the top of your screen

So close!

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