I think I need to point out that I am neither a or a

It's an old joke, which I don't even remember the details for anymore and I'm too lazy to move my account again

wants to authenticate all humans... hmm

is my public key not enough?

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A new Maui Progress Report is coming out soon.

Meanwhile, here's a preview image to catch up with what's new.

#MauiKit #Nitrux #ProgressReport

I wonder if like last time there was we'll see an influx of users thinking is a 1:1 replacement, then be disappointed when its not

Anyway, welcome temporary new users!

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@cespinoza you can't find it easily in the search because it is very new or maybe algorithmically suppressed (someone mentioned that Google was dragging their feet in approving it for the Play store)

Anyway use this link to download


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Despite all the criticism because of the missing public timeline, I think the new Mastodon app looks very streamlined and pretty. I like it a lot so far maybe it will be attractive to people coming from commercial social media?

Now at a 100 downloads 🙂

The lack of support for devices, has me thinking I might have to decouple my router from my wireless.

Is the edgerouter X a decent wired router? Seems you can load openwrt on it, then throw up some dumb wifi6 access points.

I wanted to get a few thoughts out on my experiment. But since I don't blog, I decided to dump it on /r/fedora.

Home/Gaming : Great
Network Administration : Hassle


I have found that running some of my network admin tools in under runs into problems.

and refuse to talk directly to underlying hardware, and this seems to be because of the nature of .

Interesting workaround seems to be running a container via sudo. I don't see this being an issue, but still a mild hassle

What do you use to connect to serial ports on Linux?

I normally use gnu screen, but interested in other options out there

Got running in on . It doesn't tell you when you launch it through the shortcut that it needs org.gnome.Platform.Compat.i386 to work properly. It only tells you of this requirement if you launch from the command line.

But it works.

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My father (now, 78 years old) has been using Linux-based systems for the last ten years.

What I mean is not that GNU/Linux is easier than other operating systems, but that it is as difficult as any other operating system for anyone starting to learn from scratch.

Saying that GNU/Linux is difficult when you have been using Windows or Mac OS all your life is like saying that some language is more difficult than your mother tongue.


I have moved my home desktop to - this should in the very least be interesting.

Used a fast charger for the first time today. 40 minutes to 80% charge. $5AUD. How's those treating you?

After a at work, got an email from a staff member that she was stressed and tired and that sending a fake phishing email was mean.

Yes because will wait until you're not stressed and well rested to steal your credentials

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