So yesterday I got exactly 200M in by pure luck, which was the second from last named

So today I made an attempt for the achievement, which was a 2KM run without touching coins, scientists or tokens. And that was pretty easy when I switched back to normal mode, after unlocking all gifts from the event. Just 2 attempts needed for that 😎👍

Awesome 3D printing stuff 

3D printing with light. A new 3D printing technique shines light rays onto this yellow liquid, creating solid, 3D objects. The syrupy liquid is light sensitive and hardens when exposed to a certain amount of light.
Nicknamed the “Replicator,” the printer custom-makes objects; like a model of a jaw, a mini-screwdriver, or even “The Thinker”.

*Take home an Alexa-compatible Citizen Echo wall clock for just $45...*

With a title like that I was expecting one of those small Echo's to be incorporated into the clock, but it only displays timers set on a paired Echo device 😔

Considering we already 'trust' as a software company (Android and Chrome even more so), and considering they want pull on the reigns, I wouldn't be surprised to see a ChromeOS based Pixel alongside of an Android one.

BTW, what ever happened with project Fuchsia? 🤔

”Android and Chrome OS should soon sync WiFi passwords with each other“

Okay, maybe first focus on restoring WiFi passwords between Android device upgrades? 🙃

Just my luck; the ordered PIR motion sensors came in today, but the casing on the back is *just* too big in the corners to fit in the fuse box (??? where the excess wiring from the lighting switch go) 😐😞

Oh and the included resistor "might" reduce the slight flickering of the led lamp, but it also kept it turned on ever so slightly when it should be off. So I didn't use it. Tomorrow with an iron saw it'll be made to fit 😎 I know this isn't the normal place to report bugs, but it seems that at least the "show boosts" filter isn't working 😞

Oh hej* IKEA! Why put the building instructions in box 3 and not one? 🤯

At least I hope the instructions and all the mounting materials are in this box because I haven't opened it yet 🙃

@dasgeek would call me a "filthy dual-booter", but I would call it a step in the right direction; last night I've installed Kubuntu 19.10 alongside W10. I haven't installed the backports yet but that's is on my short list.

If any musician knows a capable replacement for forScore/MobileSheets (Pro) on Linux, or knows if MobileSheets (Pro) works on Linux with Proton (or Anbox) then please contact me.

P.S.: I'm trying out Musescore (per suggestion), but it seems overkill for just rehearsing.

I badly want a big ereader with backlight, but just shy of $1100 (incl VAT) is a bit too much for me. Anyone got alternatives they can suggest for me? Main use will be for reading (and marking) music sheets as a (amateur) musician.

A few months ago someone made a bug report of some comments I've made about the unclarity of the voting system. And apparently it has been fixed as @Gargron has closed that specific bug:

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