I've been wondering for a while why all the press about
#Facebook treats it like a massively powerful brainwashing machine while I felt to me more like a slowly dying forum being eaten up by spam and morons and really only used by old people now.

Someone at the NYT agrees.

> "Facebook is in trouble. Not financial trouble, or legal trouble, or even senators-yelling-at-Mark-Zuckerberg trouble. What I’m talking about is a kind of slow, steady decline that anyone who has ever seen a dying company up close can recognize."

Looks like a dying internet-forum, certainly.

> "The truth is that Facebook’s thirst for young users is less about dominating a new market and more about staving off irrelevance. Facebook use among teenagers in the United States has been declining for years, and is expected to plummet even further "

#Boomerbook they should call it. The kids are somewhere more fun.



@pre "The kids are somewhere more fun..." e.g. Mastodon 😏👍

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