@mike although I understand the reason for the redesign, like you I'm still disappointed , it's nothing like I thought it would be , not sure I like the new look.

@GreyLinux Yea, the whole thing really exchanging the display on the Mark 1 with a graphical output on the Mark 2. Honestly, the Mark 2 seems LESS complicated than the Mark 1. I do like the idea that @kev floated. They have a custom board that they're creating. Sell that board and the 3d models and people can make their own. I'm still holding out hope that maybe @PINE64 will make a . Since the Mark 3 was supposed to be available in stores in 2019, I expect Pine64 could still beat them.


@mike @GreyLinux @kev @PINE64 I'm surprised that they didn't switch to the Raspberry Pi CM4 (Compute Module 4) when they decided to create a custom PCB :thonking:

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