So yesterday I got exactly 200M in by pure luck, which was the second from last named

So today I made an attempt for the achievement, which was a 2KM run without touching coins, scientists or tokens. And that was pretty easy when I switched back to normal mode, after unlocking all gifts from the event. Just 2 attempts needed for that 😎👍

@RyuKurisu For a moment I thought you were talking about a reward system by implementing Android Jetpack libraries suite.

@RyuKurisu Oh man! 200M without touching any thing 😱 ?! Played that game in my childhood and the longest was some ware around i think 700 or 1,300 and touched everything to a void lasers and missiles. You are truly the best Jet pack Joy Ride player I have ever seen 🎉 👏 😁

@0PT41N for Germaphobe you can touch the walls, or accidentally touch the lasers/missiles (and use a revive), but not any coin/scientist/token for 2,000M!

But 200M is almost at the start of the level, just avoid the first laser and touch the second. But landing at exact 200M is harder than it seems!

BTW my best run is 16,815M! 😏👍

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