Gnome constantly seems to tell me that the way I want the DE to work is "wrong" and eventually renegs on my complaints (e.g. vertical workspaces, forcing a user to slide up the lock screen, etc.). So I was pretty happy to see the change for workspaces to be horizontal instead of vertical.

That said - why couldn't they just go the full way and support a grid? Ironically it's the one way in which Mac offers a better option for desktop management.

@RyuKurisu KDE Plasma has just never... felt right to me. Last time I gave it a try there were too many things that just didn't work right. Admitting my ignorance to the KDE dev process - my understanding was that it had lost steam a long time ago and was struggling to stay relevant. Most non-gnome effort seems focused on tiling WMs, XFCE, or other hobby DEs.


@funnylookinhat sounds like it was a few years since your last KDE effort? Because development never stopped, and last year they've had an amazing year with a lot of polish!

And if you still like the traditional desktop paradigm you could take a look at Lubuntu with LXQt. They can use some polish in the looks department (even if they are the best looking from the few LXQt distributions I've tried), but otherwise are great.

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