In case you're also interested in niche operating systems and are also disenthused by the fact that most of them are hot garbage, I will provide my list of interesting operating systems projects:

- 9front (<3)
- RedoxOS
- ReactOS
- ToaruOS
- Haiku*
- Sortix
- Genode*
- SerenityOS*

* Caveat: heavily involve C++ for some fucking reason

@sir not temple/shrine OS? :P
I'm really interested in checking out 9front but I'm intimidated by plan9 and don't know where to start with it.

@nihilazo slap it on an old thinkpad (read the FQA's hardware compat list for buying advice) and walk through the FQA

Then just, like, use it for a bit, idk, like a normal OS

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