Would anyone be interested in hearing about our adventure? We''re a feminist non-profit in the midst of migrating from Windows to : servers and desktops! We try to be as as possible, for ethical, security and privacy reasons.

@Gina Excellent decision, I'd love to hear more about your progress.

@ericbuijs Thanks, I'll post a few adventure updates daily. We're almost done building.

Our big victory of this week was getting 2FA (via FreeIPA) for our apps and desktops to work. Biggest letdown of the week? The 2FA also works whenever you lock your pc - so whenever you come back from a bathroom break you have to generate a OTP on your phone again. Yeah.. that's a week's worth of work out the window.


@Gina @ericbuijs because everything gets deleted when the system locks?

@RyuKurisu @ericbuijs I guess the original OTP gets deleted, yes. I wish we could say that you only have to use OTP on the desktop once, that it saves it as a cookie or something, but this is not the case.

@Gina @RyuKurisu @ericbuijs kerberos can be used for authentication token caching, but there might also be a way to do that with pam

if you figure it out, please let us know how :)

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