@keyoxide To be honest… I do not understand how keyoxide works at all and what it really does except somehow doing something to link accounts cryptographically. You're writing in the FAQs that it is meant to make basic cryptography more accessible.
I have absolutely no problem understanding how PGP works (which is described as sooooo complicated). But man… The Keyoxide documentation is just cryptic.
Gonna try it later to see if I'll get it.

@Roxxor @keyoxide This is an issue I've noticed, too. I just thought it wasn't finished.

Does KeyOxide store profile data? Does it get it from somewhere else?

@wizzwizz4 @Roxxor writing good documentation is challenging… But it will improve over time, it's still in a rough state.

Keyoxide does not store profile data. It generates profiles based on data stored on dedicated key servers (currently, or the so-called Web Key Directory.

Imagine having a Facebook profile page but Facebook doesn't store the data, it gets it from a place where the user has full control over the data.

That's the idea :)

@wizzwizz4 @Roxxor another problem that the documentation suffers from is that it was written when Keyoxide was still going to be "a site that can perform a few pgp tricks". Since the focus has become decentralized online identity, the FAQ should reflect this focus. It doesn't yet…

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