@Ristar haha, Gnome decision look really like that sometimes.
While KDE seems to still think that more options must be better. Like always.

@jackdaniel @wswartzendruber In Gnome 1.0 days Qt was proprietary, but they liberated it later on.

@person @jackdaniel @wswartzendruber
And nowadays Qt-company is a dickhead to the opensource community. LTS releases are paid only and you are not allowed to see the sourcecode of them unless paid-user.

@wswartzendruber @Ristar Isn't Qt LGPL these days? I think it's been for a long while now.

@IceWolf @Ristar LGPL Qt is only supported for a short time. Patches are made afterwards for each branch, but available to only proprietary customers.

@Ristar Lmao. seriously though thousands of features per week is my worst nightmare, that’s how we got the web.

@Yujiri @Ristar I'd consider it a bigger problem if Gnome was considerably faster and less bloated. As it stands now, I think KDE is the superior DE.

@Ristar I should try KDE again sometime, KDE 1 & 2 were decent but GTK3 was a mistake, when they adopted client side decorations

@Ristar Why must you hurt me this way. (Not saying it's not true, KDE>Gnome, but it stings to hear it)

@Ristar s/features and improvements/bloat/
Though the part about GNOME is very true.

@Ristar it seems Firefox was bitten by GNOME at some point

@Ristar I remember being told Dolphin had a huge memory leak. Given the amount of time that’s passed since then, I have to imagine it’s been taken care of. And that alone probably makes them better than Gnome.

@matrixsasuke Honestly Gnome would be a fine DE if it didn't eat unreasonable amounts of ram.

@Ristar PLUS dke has KDE connect an app you can find on fdroid that turns your phone into a controller for your computer and its AWESOME to lay in bed and browse youtube with it :comfy:

@Stellar That sounds very comfy! All though I'd rather browser invidious with qutebrowser's sweet keybindings.

@person oh yeah invidious is awesome i use that at work since i'm not allowed to install a adblocker!

@Stellar Yeah new maintainers managed things pretty well, I hope we don't lose it at some point with Google pushing out junk like Web Bundles.

@Ristar so much truth... but gnome is prettier imho.

@Ristar KDE has always been better than GNOME. Especially GNOME 3.

@Ristar Just the amount of added features however is a difficult criteria to judge quality I'd say. That has been KDEs problem ever since: A superior set of features, but somehow thrown together, apparently without any real considerations on usability, and a lot of them, though looking good in technical design, never finished to a really working state in the long run. Just looking at akonadi and nepomuk as two striking examples. 😶

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