@ReverendLinc 👋 Call me curious - got a page or link talking more about being bivocational and/or the church you lead?

@funnylookinhat continued: I am a Nondenominational minister - new website is reverendlinc.com used to pastor Trinity Bible Chapel of Easton PA and Port Murray NJ along with our homeless ministry in NJ and NY at the Port Authority and other places like Lincoln Park and Easton town square, etc..

@ReverendLinc Awesome - thanks for the explanation. I've worked with a few other bivocational people in ministry in the past, and oftentimes they didn't express that it felt like it was "working well" for them. Sounds like you're pretty happy with the setup?


@funnylookinhat HEH! I'd love to be able to do it as a single occupation and get paid enough to live on but I guess that isn't God's plan. Maybe he has me doing it this way because I get to meet and talk with more techie people? I have found there are more techie Christians than you might imagine :D

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