Hello! I'm ReverendLinc, a bivocational Minister and consumate techie. I already have some friends who hang here and more that might be familiar with me from the Linuxlink TechShow. Always looking to make more techie friends!

@ReverendLinc Whoa! I just happen to be wearing my LLTS shirt that I got following an interview about #Haiku at Ohio #Linux Fest years ago. If that's not coincidence, I don't know what is! Welcome!

@ReverendLinc I know I am going to be sorry I asked this, but what the hell is a "bivocational" whatever you are? I have enough trouble sorting out what a bisexual is.

Do you worship both God and satan?

No, seriously, what is it?

@SethBrown HEH Bivocational minister is a minister who holds down a regular job for income. Like I'm a minister but I am also a Senior HPC Linux Engineer.

@ReverendLinc So, you don't derive any income from your ministry? Hey, I can live with that.
Personally, I think people of "faith" are self-deluded but to each his own.
When people start making money off deluding others, I get annoyed.

@ReverendLinc hi. Welcome @jgoerzen and I were "geeking out" about 1832 shape-note hymnals here before we took that one offline and returned to emacs, linux and raspberry-pi emulators of old machines (DEC10s) to keep it loosely on topic (FOSS) here.

@eludom @jgoerzen do rey me fa so la ti do! I haven't seen one of those in ages...

@ReverendLinc Well hello! I was on the #LLTS episode 102! Also yes, I have several shape not hymnals.

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