@jonw I see a motorcycle on your about - never knew you were a rider??

You know, nobody displays banners on logon anymjore and that's just a damn shanme! A lost art!

Bro, is there even enough coffee for today.. :/

Entering servers into a CMDB is the absolute worst.. BORING.

Most of us have been stuck working from home for a while now - what kind of setups are you using to keep up with work @ home? I have an iMac w 2 external monitors and a laptop going among other things.

Need to rebuild my home server infrastructure but obviously CentOS is not in play anymore - what to use?

For those that neexd a quick diversion here are a couple bash games I wrote - requires bash, of course and curses/tput.. lincgeek.org/lincware/index.ht

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