Just had a tech support request from a client in Israel who hasn' t even used the server resources in 5 years. They want to start using their CentOS 5 cluster :D

@claudiom I think I saw you mentipn surfing some gemini servers a couple days back. Any good ones I should go to? Did you visit mine or Dave Yates' ?

Have to use sidecar so I can have 4 displays on my workstation. I am just plumb running out of screen realestate. Here's the Q tho: There are 2 USB-C ports on my mac. Can I use a USB-C Hub on 1 port and connect 3 different USB-C to HDMI adapters and get it to work?

Finally got a working C64 here after many years. I cannot wait to get some sid music playing through this thing.

Dentist appointment tomorrow morning. Less than thrilled.

One more cup-o London Fog will hopefully get me through the day.
Can't wait for this week to be opver. I have worked a month this week it seems.

Having a little London Fog today instead of coffee. It's one of my favs..

Done w/ work - feed the dog and hit the showers

I bet I have 3 box-loads of crap on my desk. Clean desks are a myth.

Fun with science - cleaned some unreadable foreign coinage last night with electrolysis!

Today, remembering those who gave all for our freedoms. Happy Memorial Day.

I would love to know what it is in my profiles that could possibly give any indication that I would consider working a contract job, or that I do windows desktop support.

Arm on my desk/office chair developed a crack today. And this is the kind of reaason I keep black duct tape around! :D

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