I got some Bashpodder email today! Talk about blast from the past! It's great to see people STILL using it!

Well, so far I have been in 4 meetings this morning which have assigned me about 700 years worth of work.

Today's challange is to try and see how many browser tabs I can have open for work, apparently...

working on a different Apple II today... Oh, and a 1541 hat for Comodores..

OK, anyone want to post pics of their messy desk so I don't feel so bad? Mine has exploded from my desk onto the kitchen table.. Ugh.. Wife starting to give me the stink eye.

OK.. Picante pork rinds are freaking delicious.

Another 7am meeting about gene sequencing and grid computing...

My wife thinks I an working on too many computers right now. Sheesh, there is only like 14 around my desk right now.

7am meeting discussing gene sequencing and grid computing.... Yeah, I need MOAR COFFEEEEEEE...

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