Hello Everyone, new to mastodon but really like the concept and hope to be part of driving wider mainstream adoption of decentralised digital commons. I'm an academic researcher working on contemporary digital activism.

@Radlantic Hi Dave. Welcome!
Good to see fellow Scientists on here!

@witchescauldron @Radlantic You've got a lot of work to do! Getting ppl to transition off #Facebook & #Twitter is a never-ending battle.

@Radlantic Perfect, welcome! You picked a great instance:)

@Radlantic Remember the fediverse is what you make of it, no algorithms here, start by either looking up #hashtags by topic or following users on either your local of federated timelines... then follow who you find interesting.

Once you're connected to some people you'll see their networks and so on and so on.

Mastodon will be as engaging as you want it to be:)

@Radlantic On the left side, search for a topic hashtag, then when you click on the topic it will open another column. Pin it in the settings, this will be like a home timeline for that subject, it's a great discovery tool. You can even put in several hashtags in the same column.

@Radlantic oh and lastly if you see something you think others will find interesting, don't forget to boost it. Since there are no algorithms there is no promoted material.

@lps thanks very much for the tip! I'll be sure to use the boost feature

@Radlantic if you have published any paper please let me know.

I am writing about tech and hotels, but yet in my PhD not finishing, and not publishing.

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