Just finished putting together MACtrack as app for interface. When you tap the button it listens only to disconnected wifi devices (ex: not your household/neighbors connected to wifi) & prints their mac/brand+saved networks, + searches for gps/street location using database. You can download it here: gitlab.com/Aresesi/mactrack
A couple different screenshots:

This can be great button on your phone to identify masked burglars sneaking around your house.. tap mactrack button & you have their phone mac address/brand name along w/*every wifi network* SSID they have saved printed on your screen. Then ctrl+c drops you to an SSID search where you can find the street address/GPS of their saved SSID's. I talk about solutions as well: I will add more controls updates soon! : buymeacoffee.com/politictech/m

@RTP How common is it for burglars to carry their phones, switched on, to the crime scene?

@kakure haha, not all, but... You might be surprised. Many tracking related things come down to ppl leaving phone/wifi on.

@RTP I'm worried that this will be used against innocent people more often than it will be used to catch criminals.


@kakure Unfortunately I forsee a future where these are everyday utilities for everyday people- :'( unless there major shift in awareness- ppl don't care til it affects them. I don't think it's possible w/out something uncomfortable- I use it to teach privacy.

Ring doorbell set dangerous precedents and now is doing facial recognition.

At same time I probably won't work on anything else like it. It is a nice teaching tool hoping to bring awareness to unnecessary privacy vulnerabilities.

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