Just finished putting together MACtrack as app for interface. When you tap the button it listens only to disconnected wifi devices (ex: not your household/neighbors connected to wifi) & prints their mac/brand+saved networks, + searches for gps/street location using database. You can download it here:
A couple different screenshots:

This can be great button on your phone to identify masked burglars sneaking around your house.. tap mactrack button & you have their phone mac address/brand name along w/*every wifi network* SSID they have saved printed on your screen. Then ctrl+c drops you to an SSID search where you can find the street address/GPS of their saved SSID's. I talk about solutions as well: I will add more controls updates soon! :

Another minor update to MACtrack: Added dates to each lookup per logfile and RSSI signal strength per probe. Updated package is on my Odysee page. Use this invite link if you don't have an account to help me out (I get LBRY for each invite link signup, and you get lbry crypto for joining) :) Upload is at the top. This is another great thing about Odysee: not only do you get a video channel, you can share files.$/invite/@RTP:9

@RTP How common is it for burglars to carry their phones, switched on, to the crime scene?

@kakure haha, not all, but... You might be surprised. Many tracking related things come down to ppl leaving phone/wifi on.

@RTP I'm worried that this will be used against innocent people more often than it will be used to catch criminals.

@kakure meant for awareness. Part of our privacy at home is awareness of who is outside.

I offer solution: change your home router SSID, use mac changing like wipri package I put together, delete old saved ssid's.

I know where you are coming from and I struggled a bit after thinking of it. But things are other things out there, these are public resources.

Meant to bring awareness to people who think "I have nothing to hide": well privacy matters.

I hope people start paying attention.

@kakure Unfortunately I forsee a future where these are everyday utilities for everyday people- :'( unless there major shift in awareness- ppl don't care til it affects them. I don't think it's possible w/out something uncomfortable- I use it to teach privacy.

Ring doorbell set dangerous precedents and now is doing facial recognition.

At same time I probably won't work on anything else like it. It is a nice teaching tool hoping to bring awareness to unnecessary privacy vulnerabilities.

@kakure PS: while you can use the more fullproof solution of changing home ssid/clearing saved nets.

Turning wifi off when not using it is the easiest solution and it won't affect you or anyone who does this. ;)

Hopefully brings some awareness that we should all care more about privacy and make a stand to roll back surveillance capitalism.

What else can we do? People won't listen.

I see privacy as most determining factor in our future- whether we w/be free to make our own decisions or not.

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