@mike's recent blog post mentioning old screenshots makes me suddenly wish I had backups from my Linux experiences twenty years ago.

So, I'd like to make a public request for your oldest FOSS screenshots.
Please reply here with alt text describing the programs seen, running, your setup/environment, etc, and put the year in the body/comment.

This should be hella fun.


Yeah, screenshots haven't exactly been forthcoming, have they? :ac_laughter:

@RL_Dane @mike i only startedmylinux adventure a fewmonths ago... sorry :ablobcatcry:

@RL_Dane These are probably my oldest. They're definitely the oldest I can find. 😉

Good old XMMS. And Netscape! I remember playing around with Mozilla Milestone 13 or so... it was so slow!
I also remember that particular UF strip. I had a few pinned to my cubicle wall, back in the day. 😄

@fedops Ya, I miss Illiad. Wonder whatever happened to him.


@mike @fedops
I'm so sad to see that the website went offline this year. There's always the wayback machine, but it's just not the same. I wish there was at least a 1:1 mirror, it couldn't have been more than a few dozen gigs.

@RL_Dane @mike not exactly what you asked for, but this may also be interesting to you:

@claudius @mike
Ah yes, I recall wasting a decent bit of company time on that website in the late naughties ^___^

@RL_Dane @mike I recovered some screenshots of singe applications from old documents I wrote for university.

@RL_Dane @mike I had a lot more time when I was studying in January 2005 and was writing a blog back then and since my blog got Slashdotted I had to move at least the blog pictures to Flickr. So that's why I still have this screenshot of #KDE 3.4 #desktop in #Slovenian language, which I guess is the oldest I can find

There are some more screenshots (and some other pictures) from that era on Flicker:

#Linux #OpenSource #FreeSoftware #Screenshot #Screenshots

@JRepin @mike
Old KDE was so clean. Not saying the new stuff isn't good, but for the time, KDE 2-3 just looked amazing.

@RL_Dane @mike I'd say by default modern KDE Plasma/apps look even cleaner. But it is so flexible you can make it as clean as you want.

Nice! I didn't realize Compiz had a successor all the way back in '06

@RL_Dane Yeah, I believe the fork did eventually merge back into Compiz (or adopted the name, something like that), so successor might not be the most accurate term. More like a V2 that started life under a different name.

@VincentTunru Ah, that's cool. I disappeared from the linux world (got swallowed up by the Mac) in 2008 until 2019, so I missed a fair bit of stuff. I still worked with linux professionally for part of that time, but schlepping RHEL isn't the same as scratching your head over desktop config and changes. ;)

Honestly, it's a lot easier to set up most servers than to operate Linux on the desktop. That's where you really learn a lot.

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