Favorite client?

Please and respond with your thoughts 😁

I've been using @Tusky for a while, but @husky looks pretty sweet, too!

Seems that Mastodon official and Fedilab are the only ones that show reply counts.
That's good to know

@RL_Dane I really like Tusky's features but prefer the official app's design.

@RL_Dane Official Mastodon PWA (not app) on mobile for me. Even supports swiping between columns.
Though tusky is a close second

@camel @RL_Dane i turned that off intusky cause it mostly gets it wrong in my case when i just want left thumb scroll.

@michael_stuhr @camel @RL_Dane I accidentally do that SO often... We can't be the only people. This should clearly be fixable with some kind of sensitivity changes, I have hopes for updates, as I do love the client.

@RL_Dane I used Tusky for a while, but I've got to say, I'm really liking Tooot on Android!

@RL_Dane yeah, I hadn't heard of it either until someone here talked about it!

@RL_Dane What if you don't use any? I like my social circle but my phone doesn't have any social apps ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You mean you just don't bother with social stuff on your phone? Well, there's nothing wrong with that! I wish I had your discipline! 😆

@RL_Dane I try not, but sometimes I slip up. Makes life simpler. :)

@RL_Dane Fedilab because it's feature rich and doesn't decide what instances I may and may not interact with.

@RL_Dane I tried Tusky, Fedilab and the new mastodon app on Android and tusky is definitely my favorite.
Haven't tried husky though

Husky seems to be a fork of Tusky. So far, I just like the color scheme ^__^

I only used tusky until yesterday, but now fedilab seems to win the race for me

@RL_Dane I have both Tusky and Fedilab installed. I like the additional features that Fedilab offers me (unlimited additional tabs, timeline of other instances, toot I'm replying to visible) but I prefer the UI of Tusky (feels less crowded) and Tusky's notifications also seem to be more reliable for me.

Tusky is this my primary, but Fedilab is only a click away.

@foosel @RL_Dane I have the same opinion and preferences :flan_aww: @Tusky is just too good! :)

@foosel @RL_Dane @Tusky on the desktop, I use Ferdi to manage my personal account and Fosshost's account, to keep things separated

Have only tried Fedilab. Gotta check what else is there on #FDroid

@RL_Dane So far I've only tried official and Tusky, but went back to the PWA for now - it has everything I need, except for being able to share images to it (rather than having to browse for them in the PWA)

@RL_Dane I am using the official and tusky right now. The official client looks way more modern/clean in my opinion, my fav right now. But there are some hickups to resolve, f.e. federated/home timelines, but maybe I simply don't understand what those tabs in the search area do... 😂

The tab is your instance timeline. There's no timeline as far as I know.

I like Tusky & Husky's looks the best, but they lack the reply count, which I find very useful. Fedilab has the reply count, but so does the Official client, which looks better, so I'm back to that for now.

We'll see for how long. ^__^

@RL_Dane okay. I still don't know the idea behind naming things differentely in the official web app and official mobile app. Why is itt "community" in the app when everyone already knows that thing as "local timeline" from the web client. And yes, the federated one is missing. The mobile app was done in a pretty short time and that given it looks and feels really good. Chapeau!

@RL_Dane I been using tusky for the whole time I used mastodon and it works great without issues and there is nothing that is missing from it that I can tell.
It has the most features and there is no reason to use something else because this client works the best

@Tusky great app on Android for mastodon

@RL_Dane I started with AndStatus, stayed with Fedilab for a while and am currently testing Tusky. I miss so many configuration features of Fedilab that I think I'll uninstall Tusky again. For example the automatic replacement of youtube and twitter links or the translation feature.
The only problem I have is the limitation to load 40 toots at once, but that's the same with Tusky and Fedilab. Is that a limitation of mastodon itself?

@RL_Dane I have been using #tootle, the client for desktop and mobile linux.

@RL_Dane Yuito. It's a fork of tusky. Mostly the same with a few tweeks. Main one that I switched from tusky to yuito for is the reset/jump to top of timeline dialog

@RL_Dane and the ability to stream tabs and just watch the timeline scroll

@RL_Dane I mean, I found is the best option to go with myself

@RL_Dane fedilab, and twidere depending on android device...

@RL_Dane None of them. I recently started to use the PWA.

I like the translation feature of fedilab (others may also have that, I don't know).

Meanwhile I am primarily on #iOS and I miss #Tusky so much 😢

@RL_Dane i would suggest the use of web app for from any secured browser of user choice. For app i would suggest Tusky.

@RL_Dane does saving the website to an instant-app count as the official client? My instance isn't compatible with the Play Store official client, but the web interface works for me

@RL_Dane I use Tooot because it recognizes my instance and I can use the 10000 characters limit. I forgot other reasons why I chose it.

@RL_Dane I've tried Tusky, Husky and Fedilab.

Tusky is good, but sometimes it feels unresponsive at the moment I open it. It last few seconds, but it's annoying. At least on my device.

Fedilab, well, I installed it through F-Droid (like almost everything I install). And, if I want push notificacions, I've to have Gotify too. Damn, I would need a computing degree.

Husky is like Tusky, with other colors, but it's more responsive, like a normal app, and its notifications work better than Tusky.

I didn't try Mastodon official app because it's not on F-Droid yet.

@RL_Dane Only used Fedilab so I don't have an opinion on the others but boosting so we can hear what people say.

@RL_Dane i have used @Tusky for a while (my vote) but currently I'm mostly using @pinafore as a web app in Firefox which i like UI wise and it sometimes feels even faster / more fluid despite not being a native app.

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