Faith, burnout, Linux? 

I worked in IT for a couple decades, burned out, went back to college and got my bachelor's in literature. Went to grad school, burnt out again.
Life's an adventure.

I love linux, sci-fi, people of all walks, and Jesus. I'm not preachy.

Been using linux off and on since 1997, steadily since 2000, and constantly since 2019. :D

Big believer in free and open source software. Linux is freedom.

Manjaro is my pragmatic distro of choice, but Debian is home. <3

Faith, burnout, Linux? 

@RL_Dane currently use void because im too lazy to migrate to freebsd

Faith, burnout, Linux? 

The BSDs interest me, although I find the permissive license a bit confusing. Maybe I'm too much of a GPL guy, but I don't like the idea of someone using my code to do crappy things.

But I do think BSD needs more love/respect, because I don't like the idea of Linux wholly replacing Unix. I've read of some of the difficulties the BSDs have because of the prevalent assumption that Linux is the only *nix, and I think that's really unfortunate.

Faith, burnout, Linux? 

@RL_Dane Welcome!

Faith, burnout, Linux? 

Thanks!! @fosstodon notifications are a bit slow today, but they're catching up now :)

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