Joining the fediverse, are in order:

RIOT powers the Internet of Things like Linux powers the Internet. RIOT is a free, open source operating system developed by a grassroots community gathering companies, academia, and hobbyists, distributed all around the world.

Through this account, we participate in the fediverse by announcing events and releases, boosting RIOT related content and general networking.

On the technical side, being a group project, we use tootgroup ( to allow project maintainers on the fediverse (whom this account follows) to add content and be notified on at-mentions. In parallel, we use Stork ( to carefully replicate announcements created on the birdsite over here.


(oh, it was already on it.. bad memory, I created the list myself)

@RIOT_OS this actually fits a number of roles where the modern Linux kernel is just too fat, especially since it can run on a lower clock speed fpga programmed for risc-v and things like that.

@tychosoft @RIOT_OS Even though keep in mind RIOT OS is designed for IoT devices (microcontroller). So, it is very unlikely that we will ever support outside of that area :)

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