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There is a special place in hell for developers who disable copy and paste in username and password fields.

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from Pyrenee Linux to Avalanche Linux

@kzimmermann I've only tested it in a vm, but you could try @PyreneeLinux's conversion utility:

Install instructions:
ash start-pyrenee

And it should set it all up for ya. Not all theme is properly applied the way I want and audio is probably something I wanna look at. But you'll end up with a functional Lumina Desktop 🙂

Hello everyone!

I'm very excited, but it is almost finished! I want to give it one more run tomorrow morning to make sure everything is included, but I think the conversion tool is done!

Onto the next *learning* phase!

From all of us at we wish everyone a and hope everyone stays healthy and reaches their goals!

What are your / ?

We hope to have a with available and our goal is by June 29th. But considering nobody in the team has experience with that & the very limited amount of time available, I don't think it is realistic right now. But help is always appreciated, so come joins us!

Another update on the conversion script:
-after initial upload I tested it on a vm and worked out a few bugs in it
-last week worked on it again; added a lot more comments in the script and now added checks, but those checks need to be checked for proper functioning!

But a more finalised seems attainable within this week, so my goal seems reached! 🦾😎

From everyone at we wish you happy holidays & a Merry Christmas! 🎅🧑‍🎄🌲

The very first version of the conversion utility has been uploaded to GitLab:

Please note that I haven't tested it yet, but according to my logic it *should* work 🤞😬

Question about a project I'm working on for other ; while basically nobody is starring or contributing to my project, what would be a better approach? E.g. just write my script until it's usable, or just start uploading the unfinished script to show activity (even thou it is probably far from usable)?

TBF at @PyreneeLinux I'm putting a fair amount of time into creating the conversion script that changes a base install to a desktop experience, but it shows there are a lot of people that are polishing Fedora.

It'll probably be at least a (few) year(s) before will be *this* polished 🤘😎

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Slowly but surely the script is coming together. Luckily I was working on it in a VM, because trying to make the 'rm' command less destructive, I accidentally did an 'rm -r /'

Oops 🤭

@kev when I found your post just 1, but before I responded I registered another 1. Its one for my new Linux project @PyreneeLinux 😎👍

That I want create this with , doesn't mean I'm already an expert with it. This evening I did a complete install from scratch within an hour, but with the manual.

It even looks quite nice with the iconset, but failed to start but with you get everything you need to pluck at the terminal (it just doesn't look nice and isn't GPU accelerated 🤔)

Next step is the get a simple 'dialog' ncurses installer and we should be rolling 😎👍

Because is aimed at end-users and we don't want to make too many choices for them, we'll include the app with snapd & flatpak+flathub preinstalled.

If people have issues with them being installed they will be simple to remove, but for everyone else it'll be much easier to install the apps they want because we've broadened the apps available to them 😏

I know it'll be a duplicate effort in the long run, but at least we'll have *something* to show by the end of the year.

Our second goal will be creating an .iso with a live environment; first it'll include that install script but later it'll convert to use the installer. It is a very modular installer AFAIK, so that'll be perfect for (and far simpler to maintain than that install script presumably 🤞😎)

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Our first is to have an , because that is something I have experience with already (and should therefor be attainable before the end of the year!). It probably won't have all the bells and whistles I'd like to have (like the granular e.g.), but at least set up , a user and the 🙂👍

Inspired by 's feature to restore single files, one of the more ambitious goals of is to have a more granular setup. This should provide the ability to restore individual folders, instead of the entire /home folder.

Technical possibilities/limitations aside, but the current line of thought is to create @<USER>@Downloads ...@Videos ...@Music etc subvolumes. This should all be automatically set up and hopefully be integrated into the file manager 🤞😬

Here's how we (@garritfra & myself (@RyuKurisu)) came up with the name : initially I was thinking of calling it Kilimanjaro Linux, because "desktop linux" + "tabletop mountain". But in a thread started by Garrit he came with the suggestion Pyrenee Linux, which I quite liked.

For those interested in the history of this project, you can find the thread here:

Hello everyone, are in order I presume.

Hi, I'm the social media account of the project. A project that has the aim to provide desktop experiences based on . We are just starting out, but our prime focus will be . We think that desktop has the same spirit as Alpine, with its minimal dependencies.

& spins will also be in the works, but only as community effort. This account is run by this guy: @RyuKurisu 🙂👍


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