I almost got into a conversation with an Arch user who hadn't updated his system in a year and was remarkably proud of this fact. He was about to begin the update. I was tempted to stick around and watch the disaster unfold but decided against. I can't believe anyone wouldn't update their Arch install in a year. Remember folks, these people walk amongst us, they express opinionsand can vote. Scary shit. #arch


What is even the point of being on Arch then ? Isn't being on the bleeding edge kind of one of the main draws of Arch ?

@PublicNuisance @Schlumpf23 I have done this and it has gone fine... It was on a machine I hadn't needed for a while. I don't understand why rolling release has a rep of being unstable...



Oh I agree about the rep. I've run Manjaro; Solus and OpenSuse Tumbleweed and never had any more issues than Mint gave me. Which is to say all have been mostly smooth sailing.

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