Our founder, Matthias Pfau, has written an article on why we need quantum-secure encryption now.
😀 "At the same time as the development of quantum computers is progressing at an ever faster pace, the encryption must also be updated. Because currently used algorithms are vulnerable and will probably not be able to withstand attacks from quantum computers."

Mozilla signs fresh Google search deal worth mega-millions as 25% staff cut hits Servo, MDN, security teams

Within hours of the browser maker laying off a quarter of its staff this week, a well-placed source told The Register Moz had signed a three-year agreement with Google. On Thursday, a spokesperson for Mozilla confirmed the partnership had been renewed though declined to go into specific detail on the contract duration and sums of money involved.


Was dispersing the MDN and Rust teams part of the deal?

-- PaulHoule @ HN news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2

#mozilla #firefox #google #monopoly #antitrust

Hey @rgggn I'm working on a Android/desktop frontend for the Salut à Toi #XMPP client.

It features e2e encryption (#OMEMO + #OTR), file sharing, remote control, split screens, etc.

It's unfortunately only packaged in Arch at the moment, but I expect to release a new version around the end of September, an updated flatpak should be available then.

You can see some screenshot there for instance:
- goffi.org/b/fKHK3FdnT37PkeohFB
- goffi.org/b/HsWxUHzXdvsH7Syrx8

LibreOffice 7.0 introduces a fresh new icon theme, Sukapura, thanks to Rizal Muttaqin from our community! Go to Tools > Options > View > Icon Style to try it out. (It's also the default on new LibreOffice installations on macOS.)

We are happy to announce that we have completed the calendar invites feature. 🥳 You can now invite anyone to an event that you created in your encrypted calendar - even people who are not using Tutanota (yet)! 😀

How many email messages do you (on average) receive per day? Spam messages not included.

It is essential that software used in any part of the voting process be published free software. But additionally, while access and ease should be increased for all voters, the only acceptable voting system actually uses NO software: u.fsf.org/voting

A new Particl V3.0 development update has just been published on Particl.news! Check it out to get all the latest information on Particl V3's progress.

- Buyer/Seller Communication 🗨️
- Share a listing 🔗
- Encrypted instant messaging 🔐
- Market codebase and Particl Desktop 3.0 updates 🔄
- And much more! 🌟

Don't forget to clap and share this article so that it can get more exposure on Medium!

👉 particl.news/development-updat

Searching for a compact desktop PC that also respects your #privacy ?

Have a look at the Librem Mini: puri.sm/products/librem-mini/

- Disabled & neutralized Intel Management Engine
- Detect hardware & software tampering
- Free, private, secure and stable GNU/#Linux

#security #freedom

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