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@theprivacyfoundation @protonmail and when we are on it, can you please look into push or scheduled checking on emails without google services installed? Privacy is cool, better privacy is cooler and safer! DT is an early bird with your visionary program, being with you since almost day one, but really consider options because of no IMAP or forced google services if I want real time emails

Zero-day in Sign in with Apple

What if I say, your Email ID is all I need to takeover your account on your favorite website or an app. Sounds scary, right? This is what a bug in Sign in with Apple allowed me to do.


There are different ways of beating Internet censorship. Some protect you from surveillance, but many do not. The circumvention tool that is best for you depends on your threat model. ssd.eff.org/en/module/how-circ

Do you need secure email? If yes, here's the quick solution: tutanota.com/ If unsure, check the pic! 👇😀

@protonmail Hi. We are reading posts that you are using Google reCaptcha in your app(s). Is this true? Would you mind commenting on this point?

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