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Man, I feel sorry for the GitHub engineers. Critical downtime for over an hour on a holiday weekend.

You know it's a good day when you find a new bug in Chrome.

That was cool. It sounds like Matrix is working on a signaling standard which chooses a geographically close media server selected from the set of home servers in the group call, and coordinates peering between arbitrary SFU/MCU implementations.

If they get this right, we could see *highly* scalable conferences come out of Matrix, instead of being bound to a single Jitsi server.

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The team working on is gonna be presenting soon on multiparty end-to-end encryption.

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If you're into WebRTC, there's a conference going on right now that's surprisingly good (Livestream on YT):

If you want social features on your blog, it seems the only options are to use a hosting provider ( or host it yourself (Writefreely). I'm cheap and I don't trust my sysadmin skills enough for the public internet.

I wonder if it's feasible to implement ActivityPub over serverless functions... then I could build a JAMstack blog with all the fancy social features while paying almost nothing in cloud fees.

@nolan: this is why Netlify Functions and Cloudflare Workers are great; much, much less config.

I've been playing around with the Unison programming language. It has some interesting takes that have deeply profound consequences. I'll be very interested to see where this language goes. It could be extremely influential.

Finally hooked up Treesitter integration. It still has rough edges, but I'm impressed overall. You can define custom text objects bound to ad-hoc AST queries (!) in just a couple lines. It's incredible.

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I think a lot about the go grandmaster who, after witnessing AlphaGo constantly play the kinds of gleaming-insight moves that most people make once or twice in a lifetime, uttered in despair “there is not a human alive who has touched the edge of the truth of go”

I recently discovered this guy's engineering blog. It's *really* good.

Introducing the new Sony Playstation.

Script by @jk
Music from NES Pictionary
Video from my living room and Sony

Maybe I'm dreaming, but if each device connects *directly* to the cloud and uses stronger access controls instead of NAT, whew... imagine the overlay networks we could build! That would be a major win for the decentralized web.

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That has some profound implications. We typically treat LANs as "safe". Any device on your home network can talk to any other device without any oversight. But we're terrified if the open internet has the same level of access.

CF's goal sounds like an attempt at Zero Trust Networking for the common man.

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If I'm reading it right, it has the potential to break down the final barrier between LANs and the cloud. You could connect devices straight into their network and define routing rules purely through software. I wouldn't need to maintain a physical router.

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The usb c revolution has come to my house, and now I'm hooked into plugging every device into every other device.

Pls send help

I'd had issues with screen tearing and support for external displays while using X11. The problems magically disappeared and everything just... worked 😳
That's not why I switched, but it sure didn't hurt either.

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