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Dependabot PRs only solves half the problem. It automatically opens PRs when your dependencies fall out of date. But I still gotta wait for tests to pass, merge it, wait for the others to rebase, wait for tests to pass, rinse/repeat. And it's something you've gotta do *every week* or it all piles up.

I drop kicked Dependabot in favor of WhiteSource Renovate which can automatically merge. Waaaay nicer. Been going steady for a month and I rarely ever need to intervene.

Once I had NixOS deploying correctly, I just flipped two switches for Consul + Nomad.

services.consul.enable = true
services.nomad.enable = true

All that's missing is configuration. Gotta read me some manuals.

I can't believe Nix works this well. It does *so much* and it's all amazing.

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It freaking works. I got NixOps deploying to a raspi cluster.

The controller (x86) uses Nix distributed builds to farm out arm compilation which builds NixOS changes in parallel, then syncs the file deltas back to the pi cluster.

I've spent the whole day debugging cross compilation bugs for a raspberry pi. It hurts now but the end result is gonna be sick!

I'm playing with Nomad as an alternative to Kubernetes. It seems really nice so far.

QUIC makes me a little sad. It seems like userspace competition to SCTP. And I was really excited about SCTP.

Most minimalists seem to be "extremist minimalists" (extreminimalists?).

But #minimalism is not about owning less than X things, it is about not taking part in excessive consumption just for the sake of consumption! Its about getting _real_ value out of things rather than having lots of things with little value.

"npm audit: Broken by Design" by Dan Abramov

I'm so glad someone finally said this. The current situation is a huge mess.

FWIW I think Mastodon has some of the same addictive aspects as Twitter, but personally I consider it a nicotine patch for my social media addiction. It's a smaller community, I feel less anxious to keep up with the discourse, and there are more tools to manage its impact on your brain. (E.g. I don't use push notifications, and I mute many notification types.)

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I turned 25 today. If subjective time continues accelerating, my 20s are almost gone.

Amazon has learned they can put ads on their boxes.

Please someone make an app that helps you avoid gas stations that have those pumps that play obnoxious ads.

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