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How do you pronounce it?

I've just started a list of clever ways you're being tracked. It's light at the moment. Any recommendations?

Think I just had a breakthrough. I've been trying to build a CRDT that efficiently holds an event source for a long time, with disappointing results. Finally found something that might work...

Some people say they don't talk to themselves. They're missing out. Great conversations, great company.

Apparently most stores only carry new cables like HDMI or USB-C. I hate turning to Amazon for this kind of thing.

Was it always like this?

Make ASCII art fluid simulations using 'endoh1', a program created by @mametter for the IOCCC in 2012.

Do you click ads?

Okay last one: sending a number opens the corresponding xkcd comic. Nice touch.

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I'm guessing the developer works on a windows machine. The encoded source uses windows line endings too.

Okay, I'm done with this rabbit hole.

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so far I've got:
- hi
- hello
- help
- echo
- check
- return

the responses lead me to believe the server doesn't do anything fancy, it's just responding with a small set of pre-recorded messages.

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I've only found a few supported commands on the morse server. I wonder how deep this goes.

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The new xkcd is pretty cool (2445). A quick dive in the code reveals they even wrote the app in morse code 😆

The RMS situation makes me sad. Not about RMS himself, but the people on both sides of the debate.

There's these two open letters on Github now. Both contain names that I like and respect. Yet I've only seen one side of this discussion (maybe jokingly, but still) talking about how to use the list of other side's “tribe members” to cancel them in an automated matter. I'll let you guess which side that was.

Some people's righteousness goes so far that they can't fathom an idea that you can disagree with someone's methods while still agreeing with their ideas. This turns into “if you question my methods, you're obviously evil, harmful and not worth listening to”. I'm sure it's easier, but I don't think it's productive.

So, there. I'm not on either of these lists. I do think there's good arguments for having less RMS, especially as a “brand ambassador” of Free Software. I also think there is a deliberate attempt to misinterpret his position to prove a point, and I find the “against” letter plain despicable because of it. I don't think forming an angry mob against FSF, chanting “if you're not with us then you're against us” is helpful. We should be able to talk without calling each other ridiculous based on tribal assumptions.

Learning just how expensive a home lab can be. This is a dangerous hobby.

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