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Got my vim and zsh plugins hooked up with Nix. Absolutely magical.

Apparently flip phones have WiFi these days. That's wild.

I lost my phone last night. That's been stressful, but on the plus side, it sounds like I'll be getting a new phone. Merry christmas, I guess?

I got a Picroft up and running. The wake word caused me some grief, but the rest works surprisingly well.

10/10, would Picroft again.

Oh hey! My linter just updated. Oh! I have new warnings. Let me fix them.

Oh! This testing library changed their API. OK, I'll update that too.

*2 hours later* Whew, I accomplished so much today. Really a job well done

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I'd never seen anyone manage their dotfiles like this. It's kind of brilliant!

I'm currently exploring the fediverse and as I mentioned on other posts, I'm fascinated. I've found federated microblogging, federated picture sharing, federated chatting...

But, is there a federated search engine? That would be interesting...

The genome of living organisms is the biggest spaghetti code ever, it needs major rewrites asap

Looks like GitHub just released project discussion forums.

All these shiny features are making it really hard to stay mad at Microsoft 😖

Local GitHub Actions runner:

Seems to work well enough, it's just dog slow.

I don't want to choose between them. Why must humans be mortal!

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Blows my mind that terabyte micro SD cards are just around the corner.

I just rewrote my website in the style of a unix man page. I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

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