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Blows my mind that terabyte micro SD cards are just around the corner.

I just rewrote my website in the style of a unix man page. I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

I just finished the first side project of my sabbatical! I've been wanting to finish this for a long time. It feels nice to finally have it out of my head.

> No lock-in. All data stored in GitHub issues.

Something's wrong, I can feel it.

Show thread is one the most impressive browser-based apps I've ever seen.

Working with JS tooling is like building a car out of legos. Except some of the bricks are on fire.

How do you find new research/posts about computers, CS, software, etc?

A little less useful now that I'm a team of one 🙃

Still, the alternative is keeping these decisions hidden in my notebook. At least now I have an organized format.

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In the past when I've made an architectural decision, the choices and tradeoffs are scattered between Slack history, PR discussions, and code comments. It's hard to track down why some decisions were made.

If the choices are briefly outlined in a markdown document (checked into source control), that might provide a good place for PR discussion and leave a nice little artifact for any future developers.

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I love this idea!

Gist: notable project decisions get their own "record". You might keep them someplace like 'docs/decisions/'. Each record briefly describes the problem you faced, an idea of how to solve it, the tradeoffs, and the anticipated results.

I officially started my sabbatical today! Finally, time to finish some side projects.

You're writing the acronym "Hands-Free Profile". How?

I'm gonna start calling our company chat "SlackExchange".

Is it normal for tech companies to charge for their own company-branded swag?

Pure bliss is the feeling you get by finishing side projects. It remains theoretical.

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