@koreymoffett OpenLauncher is pretty good. I like it because the app search bar doesn't try to aggressively insert web results.

Which begs the question, why not a completely different language? (*ahem* Lua)

It might not be long before neovim and vim plugins are incompatible.

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Apparently vim 9 is shipping a complete overhaul of Vimscript. Just look at this: github.com/Bakudankun/qline.vi

Types, imports, native methods, dynamic scopes, it's like some unholy union of JavaScript and Python. It might as well be a completely different language.

@nolan Ha, I read Annihilation earlier this year and never realized it was part of a series! I can see how answering the mysteries would ruin the fun. It seemed very enjoyable as a self-contained book.

If the Flash EOL is any indication, 2021 is gonna be a great year.

Here's to the next 12 months 🥂

Got my vim and zsh plugins hooked up with Nix. Absolutely magical.

Apparently flip phones have WiFi these days. That's wild.

I lost my phone last night. That's been stressful, but on the plus side, it sounds like I'll be getting a new phone. Merry christmas, I guess?

@tjb that makes sense. I've only ever written Python for server-like environments, but I can imagine the pain.

I got a Picroft up and running. The wake word caused me some grief, but the rest works surprisingly well.

10/10, would Picroft again.

@tjb yeah, that aspect isn't as streamlined as other registrars :(

@tjb Cloudflare is pretty nice. I'm in the process of slowly migrating from Google Domains. It has good prices and solid terraform integration.

Oh hey! My linter just updated. Oh! I have new warnings. Let me fix them.

Oh! This testing library changed their API. OK, I'll update that too.

*2 hours later* Whew, I accomplished so much today. Really a job well done

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@sotolf Oh, haha. I see it pop up every year, but I haven't tried it. Seems like a nice way to experiment with a new language.

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