I've been throwing my face at for about 3 years and it only keeps getting better. I'm still learning stuff that blows my mind. This is, by far, the most powerful tool I've ever learned.


I want to say something sensational like "this is more transformative than git" or "it will inspire the architecture for the next generation of software" but I'll just leave it at my hearty recommendation. Use Nix.

@PsychoLlama I gave it a try recently, but I found it hard to begin with, as you don't know how to write a config file. Despite the doc, some softwares require more than a simple "package declaration" and it may be hard to find which options are available for the configuration.
I may install it once a GUI would be available, which at least lists and documents all the different options for every package.

@dazeilad that's fair. It's got a steep learning curve and documentation is a WIP, especially if you're trying to package software. Consuming is great though.

The Nix Pills will get you 90% of the way there, but it's not for everyone: nixos.org/guides/nix-pills/
The tools and patterns are improving every day, so if you wait, it will get easier.

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