I'm looking for new music. What do you listen to while programming?

@PsychoLlama I love the calm ones in this OST,they really help me to relax ☺️

@aito and it's got enough variation to keep things interesting. Calm music generally gets repetitive, but soundtracks somehow escape that. Good recommendation 🙂

@PsychoLlama Dark ambient. Deep ambient. SomaFM is great!

@hkqd I'd never heard of SomaFM before. It looks right up my alley 🧐

@PsychoLlama Master Boot Record and Keygen Church if you want something with a little more oomph.

@Wylsym right there with ya. Most of my favorite bands are from the 60s-80s! It was a phenomenal time for music.

@PsychoLlama brutal death metal. Complex but predictable beats, and an indecipherable lyric style that doesn't distract since its not actually words. Lol

@unicornfarts huh, that's interesting. I've never gotten into death metal, but that's one of the tough things about songs with understandable lyrics: I've gotta memorize them before they're good background music. I guess you wouldn't have that problem with death metal 🤔

@PsychoLlama for I really enjoy and recommend all of 's music.
Even the titles and cover images grant a lot of atmosphere for the mixes!

Look him up on Odysee or YouTube.

@PsychoLlama Carbon Based Lifeforms, Solar Fields, Sync24

Also movie and game soundtracks

@yarmo yaaas! Good stuff there. And PYLOT, they have great music in the same sort of genre

@PsychoLlama Adam Young's scores. Corduroy Road and The Endurance are my two favorites

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