Hot take: social media is the democratization of propaganda tools.

So much of social media seems like a vehicle for brand building and personal marketing. I'm pitching an idealized version of myself. Even trying to mentally counteract, I still get a high from seeing boosts and favorites. This isn't social media, it's hit rates on a campaign!

@PsychoLlama What would be your suggested use of social media? Also, which main social media sites are you thinking of?


@ezrayun that's a hard question... I don't have an answer yet. How do you use social media? What does it do for you?

Re: which sites: mostly observations from my FB/Twitter days, but it carries over here too (although less extreme).

@PsychoLlama Connecting with strangers with similar interests.

It's not so good with friends since you have to develop a certain "alter ego". I don't like that.

How do you use social media?

(Btw I logged out a week ago or so and forgot to reply :blobcat_glitch: )

@ezrayun yeah, getting IRL friends to join Mastodon hasn't been very successful for me either. The persona difference is a challenge. Plus we're a bit of a nerd crowd over here :)

That's the draw for me. I like seeing what other people are geeking out about. I've discovered some pretty cool stuff because of this community. Usually I'd get that from programming meetups, but... pandemic :blobcatverysad:

Mastodon has been a pretty good stand-in.

@PsychoLlama It also helps that brands can't fill mastodon with their bs since there are no verification mechanisms.

We end up talking to people instead of being passive listeners.

And for me, programming meetups don't happen where I live so I enjoy talking to fosstodon people.

@ezrayun ah, good point. We certainly don't have the corporate presence here, but I hadn't really considered why. I'm just happy we don't :)
It definitely feels more human than other platforms.

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