I buy domains like some people buy lotto tickets.

@PsychoLlama I buy domain names like I do lottery tickets, which is never :p

@PsychoLlama how many to you own and what do you do with them?

@iah it ranges from personal sites to hobby projects. I have a bad habit of starting new projects, getting excited and buying the domain, renaming the project, finding a better domain, then leaving it to start a new project :)

I've managed to get the number down below 10, but I might change that today.

@PsychoLlama oh wow, that’s cool. How many projects do see the light of day? I have been a domain name harvester too. Gotten down to 21 ;) and collecting all of the domains on

> How many projects do see the light of day?

Not enough, haha. A few static sites, a couple used for staging apps and testing with friends, a couple dormant ones.

> Gotten down to 21 ;)

Sweet! How are you using them?

@PsychoLlama I'm always renewing more parked ones than ones actually in use.. always a "great name", or a "future project". Can't help myself. :oh_no_blob:

@PsychoLlama well, you have way bigger chances to win big one with that hobby!

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