@criadoperez haha. I see what you mean. So far it's been a nice improvement over LastPass.

@PsychoLlama I'm considering trying it too, how you liking it so far? I'm a bit uncomfortable having passwords "synced to the cloud" but #Bitwarden is #FOSS, allows #selfhosting, and is #E2EE so it doesn't look like there's any of the concerns I have about the closed source password managers.

@aspie4K I'm only a few days in but I love it! It seems much nicer than my old password manager.

I like that it's FOSS and I don't have to trust their encryption solely based on a marketing page. Unfortunately I'm not skilled enough to self-host it yet (too many disastrous ways I could mess it up), so I'm just using their hosted free plan :)
Maybe someday.

I'll admit storing passwords in the cloud, even encrypted, makes me uncomfortable. But I guess it's a tradeoff of convenience.

@PsychoLlama I just made an account myself and am testing the waters with less sensitive accounts until I get comfortable with it. Have to say I like their password generator and how customisable it is. I set mine to four words, starting with caps, and a number thrown in. Those are the most secure passwords out there btw: xkcd.com/936/

But yeah I love that it’s #FOSS and even tho my passwords are in the cloud it’s #E2EE so even #Bitwarden doesn’t know what they are.

@aspie4K whoa that's awesome, I didn't notice their passphrase generator 😱

Here I've been looking up random words in a dictionary like a n00b haha

@PsychoLlama haha nah this is way better just hit the refresh looking icon when you add or edit something and set it like I have for max security

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