Nix is just the greatest thing ever. Trying to get bcrypto built through node-gyp and it's missing a few deps (python, make, binutils).

Throw some `nix run` at the problem and it's working in about a minute. Put the resulting packages in a shell.nix file and I'll never have the problem again.

That would've taken me *much* longer without Nix. And this way I don't have one-off build tools clogging up my system.

God I love Nix.

What’s Mastodons help page called? 

The Tootorial

I just made an auto-updating nix channel to serve my custom vim plugins. So overkill.

How do you pronounce it?

I've just started a list of clever ways you're being tracked. It's light at the moment. Any recommendations?

Think I just had a breakthrough. I've been trying to build a CRDT that efficiently holds an event source for a long time, with disappointing results. Finally found something that might work...

Some people say they don't talk to themselves. They're missing out. Great conversations, great company.

Apparently most stores only carry new cables like HDMI or USB-C. I hate turning to Amazon for this kind of thing.

Was it always like this?

Make ASCII art fluid simulations using 'endoh1', a program created by @mametter for the IOCCC in 2012.

Do you click ads?

Okay last one: sending a number opens the corresponding xkcd comic. Nice touch.

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I'm guessing the developer works on a windows machine. The encoded source uses windows line endings too.

Okay, I'm done with this rabbit hole.

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so far I've got:
- hi
- hello
- help
- echo
- check
- return

the responses lead me to believe the server doesn't do anything fancy, it's just responding with a small set of pre-recorded messages.

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