Kinda going for that ultimate open source shift and trying to ditch (almost) every proprietary service I've been using so far. Got stuck with reddit, which provide me with decent news feed and there's quite nice community there too, but I am not even sure if I need any additional source of distractions in my life. What do you guys think of reddit?

We all know that Google (with Chrome-ium) has at least close to 90% of the browser marketshare on the internet.

Which is your primary browser on your computer?

Remember that Brave, Opera and Edge are Chromium derivatives. I consider Safari to be separate since it's Webkit and not Blink.

Retoot this to get more votes in.

#poll #browser #firefox #chromium

if you make a joke on Mastodon, no matter WHAT the content is, after 50+ boosts people will appear in the replies that take it completely at literal face value.

you could post "a man walks into a bar, says ouch!" and if it receives 50+ boosts, then you will begin seeing replies like "THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN STEEL BAR PLACEMENT IS DEREGULATED BY PROFIT DRIVEN CROOKS!"

this theory is commonly known as Eugen's Gambit. and i love it.

TIL Alice in Wonderland has a "translation" for the International Phonetic Alphabet.
It arrives today.

@espectalll I would authentically like our family's dog better if he were written in Rust

Idea: ActivityPub powered kanban board.

I really wanna try this.

Things that don't mean you're insecure:

✅ taking selfies
✅ posting about your successes
✅ being a perfectionist

Things that do mean you're insecure:

🛑 submitting personal information over a http request

They're good to have, but there are SO MANY. The hidden cost of dependencies, I guess.

I should look into automating package upgrades 🤔

These GitHub package security alerts are killing me

Obligatory laptop function keys: Play, previous track, next track, volume up, volume down, mute, brightness up, brightness down

airplane mode, projection mode, sleep, lock

I just cloned the Boostnote source code. That was horrifying.

I'm not sure about "complete", but fairly comprehensive anyway.

"Alternatives to Google Products (Complete List) "

If Microsoft really wants us to believe they're all about open source, they should release 3D pinball.

Does anyone have a preferred FOSS calendar app?

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