I'm gonna start calling our company chat "SlackExchange".

Is it normal for tech companies to charge for their own company-branded swag?

Pure bliss is the feeling you get by finishing side projects. It remains theoretical.

The year is 2077. Apple just published their Safari Technology Preview feature list. It describes "MediaRecorder" outside a feature flag.

Developers cheer.

So....for all the folks who have been hoping and praying for a PixelFed Android app...there's a (mostly) functional one available! It's called @PixelDroid and it's pretty good!

And I love that they're reaffirming their support for the lua integration. I've written several vim plugins. Vimscript is not a good language for anything even moderately complex.

Deep integration of another scripting language could have huge wins for the stability and feature complexity of modern vim plugins. It sure has its quirks, but lua's not a bad choice.

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If you've ever written a vim syntax highlighter, you know the true meaning of pain.

This is what it could be: github.com/tree-sitter/tree-si

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Everything on Neovim's roadmap has me stoked. Integrated LSP support? A treesitter syntax engine? And they're doubling down on the lua integration? YES 🎉


is a fast, accelerated .

Alacritty is a terminal emulator that uses GPU acceleration and many other tricks to speed up various operations. Alacritty outperforms most terminals in various benchmarks on a machine with even a modest GPU. Alacritty supports common features like scrollback, color schemes, and custom fonts as well as others like configurable keyboard and mouse shortcuts.

Website 🔗️: github.com/alacritty/alacritty

Ha! I found a clean way to implement it.

The framework exposes a very low level networking API. Apparently I can stitch together a few protocols, bridging the gap to reach the higher-level thing I was trying to do.

That was *incredibly* satisfying.

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I'm seriously tempted to add the feature upstream. But it's C++ WebRTC internals and I'm not sure I'm smart enough.

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I didn't even think to check that particular feature. Obviously it's supported. *Obviously*.

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So the thing I've put about 3 weeks of development into might not actually be possible. The framework doesn't allow it.

I did a fair amount of investigation beforehand. Figured out exactly where to make the changes and what systems it would affect. I made sure our tools were compatible. Or so I thought.

I feel really, really dumb right now.

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