Here is a pretty scathing look at the current state of blockchain projects: I'm interested in getting some perspectives from others. Is this article fair? Is it poorly researched? Does it miss the point of blockchain technology? Just asking...

I bought a new laptop a bit ago. Performance is great, and 20.04 loaded no problem. However, the HDMI output is not recognised. Anybody else have a similar issue with a ?

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I know it's mean to laugh at the misfortunes of others, but this is a great story.

"What was Plan C? | Computerworld"

I admit it - has my (grudging) respect. Syntax is actually regular, and if you're working with Azure or related components, the modules are comprehensive and straightforward to use. Now available for so I'm told. Anyone tried it out?

" subsidiary plans to sell location data on mllions of cellphones" according to a story linked on Slashdot. The program they use "gathers and de-identifies the locations of cellphone users...obtained from 3rd party vendors."

Rust and XML. Yuck. Anyone else trying to do hard-core XML parsing in Rust? The libraries I see through Cargo aren't quite there yet. Thoughts, anyone?

First toot. Favourite languages:
- Perl (Perl 6 rocks)
- Python
- Rust
- Smalltalk

Developer and Sysadmin, also heavily involved in backup/restore and now big data


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