@whanake I think you're probably right in that regard.

@whanake LOS may be fine but I'd stay away from OP if you're subject to their update schedule. It's terribly slow.

@Syberia Everything I know I learned from the TV show Jericho.

@bauripalash Hope you have a lot of room. Watermelons spread out and take up tons of garden space. At least that's what has happened in my experience.

@nativebreed For me its partially to avoid MS telemetry. But its also just so intuitive and simple to use.

@Tay0 I had a PWC back about 20 years ago, and I can attest this feeling to be very true.

@MitchellYeager6 It's not just any 2009 MacBook. It's a MacBook running Linux. Nice.

@philbaker1 This is so great. I'm running a 13 year old Bolens myself. Hope I can get to 19 years. That'd sure be an accomplishment.

@MitchellYeager6 I think its pretty great that Linux can be run on older hardware without much trouble. People could eliminate so much waste, if they only realized.

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