This is breathtaking.

“The History of Science Fiction” by Ward Shelley CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Hi everyone, I’m new here. Left fbook a while ago but just found out about Mastadon due to reading about people leaving fbook now.

Interested in NLP and GAN text generation. Also in online civil space projects with verified identities - as ways to use tech to enhance 1a rights.

Just getting started though - looking forward to exploring more!

Hmm looks like it's just doing the same thing as deleting the element using developer tools. The element is still there when I reload the page.

Right-clicking the element and blocking it creates a permanent filter. Works like a charm 👌

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I've been using uBlock Origin for years now. Dunno what's taken me this long to try the element zapper. Now I don't even need to mess around with userscripts, yay!

Be gone, all ye banners who obtrude into my reading experience.

Everyone loves to hate on Medium, but academic journals are some of the worst offenders.

Hi I am @scaughr60 I am new here. I am a tech nerd. I like to learn new things.

Day 6 of

Thoughts after reading Exhalation by Ted Chiang:

Also changed the font from Courier New to Inconsolata and it looks so much less painful to read 👀

At this point, the length of my fingernails seems to be the most reliable indicator of how much of the week has passed.

Been using Ghostwriter as a editor for a few months now and I'm really loving it! It's lightweight with just the right amount of features.

It's been a while, but here's Day 4 of .

Thought's after reading The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate by Ted Chiang:

Also added a link to my RSS feed in the navbar.

Day 75: Getting back into this challenge for the summer by making a in called "ruegolike" I've been working on it for a bit, but today I added generation of corridors between rooms. (I know the is supposed to be continuous, but... I guess I'm going for a piecewise continuous function.) Also yes, it is heavily inspired by , one of my all-time favorite games

I don't really have a personal blog, and since my isn't paid it doesn't list it, so here is me putting it out there to make it "public"

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