@rajudev either rename the zip to .apk or get it from here: apt.izzysoft.de/fdroid/index/a

Something is wrong in Firefox and/or the gitlab instance we use, it renames the apk to zip when downloading for some reason...

@isaakubus @pixelfed huh interesting, so this doesn't happen on other pixelfed instances then? In that case, it does sound like a pixelfed.social issue

@isaakubus @pixelfed try resetting your browser or using another browser, this feels like a problem with your browser...

@imacrea Hey 😊

Yes, it's planned, maybe in a couple weeks. In the meantime you can look on our websites for APKs: pixeldroid.org

You can also use IzzyOnDroid's F-Droid repo.

Just so you know, there are some bugs on the Pixelfed server which make it impossible to use the app to post photos... but it should be fixed soon!

It seems I have identified the Pixelfed bug 🎉 (it was a typo). Sharing patch with @pixelfed devs now (I really don't want to touch GitHub if I can avoid it xD)

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@hund Good idea! I'll add a "release" link, and maybe a way to get the latest debug build from the master branch as well 🤔

Maybe tonight if I have some time :P

@hund You mean on the main F-Droid repo? I hope in the coming weeks we should get a 1.0 out the door which will be on there.

In the meantime, you can get APKs on our GitLab gitlab.shinice.net/pixeldroid/, or on the IzzyOnDroid repo: apt.izzysoft.de/fdroid/index/a

Posting on Pixelfed instances from apps has broken, it seems across multiple apps. We think a change on the server is responsible, and will try to troubleshoot what went wrong.

Also, a new PixelDroid release is coming, we hope with a bunch of improvements, including blurhash and seeing all the posts on someone's profile. Soon ™️ (maybe this week-end? 😉)

@topio that's not an error, it's supposed to say that the upload of the images was successful. Weird...

Our Matrix room is at :gnugen.ch (the room on the gnugen.ch server)

@topio if possible, please join our room on Matrix: :gnugen.ch

@topio what happens when you press the upload button? Do you get a "toast" message?

@topio @mondstern hey, could you tell me which instance you are using? Also, does logging out and in again solve the issue? If so, does it come back after a while?

@bsm @pixelfedde Working fine for me, try out a recent build from our CI and tell me if it helps? gitlab.shinice.net/pixeldroid/

(These are debug apk so performance will be abysmal)

@niamfrifrufi puedes utilizar el repositorio de IzzyOnDroid, donde hay PixelDroid. Pero estamos trabajando para poner la applicacion en el repositorio official tambien, tal vez en unas semanas 🤞

The blurhash functionality will make the experience on a slow connection much better, and the app will feel smoother thanks to it 😊

Thanks @dansup for implementing this on the server side :)

Also coming soon: 1️⃣ PixelDroid will stop you from trying to put more pictures in a single post than your server supports, and 2️⃣ warn you if an image is too big (option to compress in those cases is on the TODO list). 3️⃣ You will be able to see all the images of a profile, instead of just the first images

@robbinespu You mean with our GPG key? No. If that's what you meant, could you point us to a resource on how to do this ? 😃

@fatboy that's weird... I just tried to connect to pixelfed.social and it worked fine, not sure what's happening here

Release time!

This one adds the ability to set image descriptions (good practice for accessibility reasons, but also handy to comment on each photo), and there are translation improvements (plurals are now supported, so languages like Russian with more nuanced plurals can translate things correctly).

Thank you for the crash reports, a regression caused by a change in the last release was fixed!

Get it here: gitlab.shinice.net/pixeldroid/

Or on the IzzyOnDroid repo: apt.izzysoft.de/fdroid/index/a

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