@mondstern Maybe you wanted to tag @pixelfed ? We're just a client for Pixelfed.

@assbach there's a drawer where you can handle accounts. Since people don't seem to find it, we are adding a hamburger icon to the tab bar for the next release. Sorry about that.

Authentication expiring is a known issue. Pixelfed gives out tokens with limited lifespans, we are looking into how to make the experience around that better (although I thought Fedilab already solved that @fedilab ?)

@BlackWinnerYoshi It's an issue with Pixelfed itself. As soon as it's fixed on their end, it will work in the app without required changes. It's apparently not trivial to fix, requiring a significant change to how Pixelfed's authentication works, according to @dansup.

You can follow progress on this issue here, although on our side it doesn't need anything to be done: gitlab.shinice.net/pixeldroid/

Uploaded from PixelDroid, we're doing some work to the login process and compatibility with non-Pixelfed instances :)

@assbach about the new trending features: just came out, and I don't even know if it's exposed to the API.

The hearts thing is because of something broken in the API. Something to do with caching. Should all be fixed with a server-side fix.

The hashtag API litteraly returns an empty array, so we can't implement that either

@JohanEmpa we actually looked at Tusky for the login process, so we also have a button "What's an instance" 馃槈

As for the second part, I don't think we want to list instances, that would mean implicit endorsement, and it's not right to play favorites in a system such as the federation imo. If it's a list, it needs to have all the public instances.

@edgren @danialbehzadi the genus of the red panda is "Ailurus". It is the only species of that genus.

In other news, we need a new name 馃槩

Just like Davx5 (formerly DavDroid), we judge it too risky to keep this name, lest a certain megacorp comes knocking.

Suggestions welcome. I was thinking something to do with a red panda or its genus, since that is the Pixelfed mascot, but other ideas are also welcome!

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Been doing some work on the app, trying to make the login process more robust and warning users if they're not logging in to a Pixelfed instance. Also trying to reduce technical debt somewhat.

What is the n掳 1 thing you want fixed, changed or added first in PixelDroid? Answer here, or open an issue in our GitLab so we can get to it 馃槈


@wandseven@mastodon.com.br @silmathoron to be clear, we're not the official app but you can try out our alpha right now if you want, gitlab.shinice.net/pixeldroid/

@edgren No changes to the app are required for 2FA to work. As soon as it is fixed server-side, it will start working.

Ask dansup to integrate 2FA into OAuth authentication ;)
(he knows already, but since it will require significant changes to the authentication internals, he won't have time for that for a bit)

We've applied for an grant, let's see what comes of it. If we get it, it should help us to free up substantially more time to work on the project. Development has not stopped, merely slowed down while most our contributors are busy with personal stuff for a while.

We expect another alpha release near the end of August, with mostly internal changes, and development will pick up again about mid September. We are still somewhat waiting on a lot of server-side API changes and fixes though.

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Hi there! Are you an avid free software user or open source developer? NGI Zero is an R&D funding program for open source software & hardware to enhance online privacy and improve open search and discovery. Together with @fsfe, @APC, Radically Open Security, Translate House and many more we fund and support projects like @pixelfed, @delta, @cryptpad... Check it out here -> nlnet.nl/thema/NGIZeroDiscover and here -> nlnet.nl/thema/NGIZeroPET.html or submit your own idea to make the internet a better place!

@Fotoente In any case, thank you for writing the article, and for your interest in PixelDroid :)


You say that "likes and comments work fine", but this is not true. In fact, we have multiple bugs open for this.
Likes and shares are supposed to have visual feedback (heart going red), but this is more often than not broken due to a problem with the Pixelfed API (which dansup is aware of and has told us he will fix it, although he is somewhat behind schedule)

Comments have some weird behaviour: gitlab.shinice.net/pixeldroid/
And you can't show the comments on a post, another API problem.

About the camera quality: this is one of the major challenges, and it will probably never be completely solved. The camera app on your phone has a lot of device-specific changes that cannot be replicated by us... This is also true for apps like Instagram and of course Snapchat: the in-app camera is garbage and mainly useful for quick shots or selfies without needing to leave the app.

@Fotoente Some clarifications on the article (responding in English since my written German isn't great):

The GitLab instance isn't "ours" per se, we just happen to be the only project on there.

You don't need to compile it to use it, there's an APK attached to the latest release on GitLab: gitlab.shinice.net/pixeldroid/

@Troll Oui, sous les releases dans notre repo GitLab: gitlab.shinice.net/pixeldroid/

Bien s没r il s'agit d'une version alpha hein, donc beaucoup de choses ne marchent pas encore (dont beaucoup 脿 cause de probl猫mes dans l'API mais bon)

@Troll @lareinedeselfes peut-锚tre il s'agissait de PixelDroid? 馃槈

Dansup travaille aussi sur une application mobile, mais 莽a va pas sortir tout de suite.

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