@assbach I'll take a note of that and see what I can do 🙂

@irgendwiemoelle@norden.social @SkyfaR Ja, richtig. Im Moment denke ich, dass dies wegen fehlenden Serverfunktionen noch nicht geht...

@irgendwiemoelle@norden.social @SkyfaR Sie können auch auf Deutsch GitLab Issues schreiben oder uns auf Mastodon ansprechen :)

@lps @sproid that's a good idea ! Thanks. Will think about it :)

By the way, our Weblate going down was caused by a hardware failure of my server, and I was able to replace the broken parts in part thanks to the donations PixelDroid received via our Liberapay ( liberapay.com/PixelDroid/ ).

Thank you so much for your donations, not only does the money help but knowing that some people care enough to take the time to donate to this project is such a nice feeling :) ❤️

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After a very long downtime, our Weblate (translation platform) is up again.

Please signal any issues (but expect some further downtime as I set it up further).

Thanks a lot to our translators for helping with translations!

If you want to help translate PixelDroid in your language, check out weblate.pixeldroid.org

@ButterflyOfFire server is down, sorry. Migration that is taking a lot longer than expected. Will try to get it online this week

@escuco sorry, not implemented (yet)

Maybe make an issue on our gitlab? :)

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As you may have seen, @pixelfed has made changes to its software so that it is now compatible with most Mastodon apps.

This means (if the new feature is working correctly!) you can log into your PixelFed account on a Mastodon app, as long as your PixelFed instance has updated to the latest version of the software. Ask your instance admin if you're not sure.

The Mastodon app compatibility is brand new so it may have bugs. The PixelFed team has asked people to let them know if they have any problems.

Alternatively, there's a dedicated PixelFed app for Android called @PixelDroid which is available from @fdroidorg. There's a guide for installing F-Droid at switching.software/replace/goo

Also, there's an official dedicated PixelFed app on the way for Android and iOS, though it hasn't been released yet.

#PixelFedTips #PixelTips #FediTips #Fediverse #Apps #Mastodon

@HartmutSchrewe @crossgolf_rebel the website, so just going to pixelfed.social for example in the browser

@crossgolf_rebel @HartmutSchrewe it's working for me now though :/

Have you used the web ui to do anything recently? Pixelfed dev told me there might be some antispam thing going on

@HartmutSchrewe can reproduce, will look into it! Maybe there was a bad server update again 😅

Fixup release has been published! Doesn't crash instantly anymore 😅

Happy holidays everyone 😊

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@manuel @penguin86 sorry, a fix is published and will arrive as soon as F-Droid publishes it

A fixup release for the crash problem has been published. Just have to wait for F-Droid to build it now!

Sorry about this ^^

@manuel sorry, known issue. A release that fixes this will be out as soon as F-Droid builds it (probably in two days)

Hello, we are aware of the crash affecting the latest beta recently published on F-Droid.

My apologies. It should resolve itself once servers update their implementation of the discover endpoint, but of course the app shouldn't crash because of an unexpected response from the server.

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