@niamfrifrufi puedes utilizar el repositorio de IzzyOnDroid, donde hay PixelDroid. Pero estamos trabajando para poner la applicacion en el repositorio official tambien, tal vez en unas semanas 馃

The blurhash functionality will make the experience on a slow connection much better, and the app will feel smoother thanks to it 馃槉

Thanks @dansup for implementing this on the server side :)

Also coming soon: 1锔忊儯 PixelDroid will stop you from trying to put more pictures in a single post than your server supports, and 2锔忊儯 warn you if an image is too big (option to compress in those cases is on the TODO list). 3锔忊儯 You will be able to see all the images of a profile, instead of just the first images

@robbinespu You mean with our GPG key? No. If that's what you meant, could you point us to a resource on how to do this ? 馃槂

@fatboy that's weird... I just tried to connect to pixelfed.social and it worked fine, not sure what's happening here

Release time!

This one adds the ability to set image descriptions (good practice for accessibility reasons, but also handy to comment on each photo), and there are translation improvements (plurals are now supported, so languages like Russian with more nuanced plurals can translate things correctly).

Thank you for the crash reports, a regression caused by a change in the last release was fixed!

Get it here: gitlab.shinice.net/pixeldroid/

Or on the IzzyOnDroid repo: apt.izzysoft.de/fdroid/index/a

@danie10 @Chaos_99 @apps that's nothing they can do anything about, 2FA with the API is simply not supported by the server. So it doesn't work on our app either, and it won't until it's fixed on the server side.

@dredstrauss using the API with a 2FA account isn't supported by the server, no app will work

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New account managed by several persons.
It will post news concerning #Fedilab #UntrackMe #TubeLab #OpenMultiMaps

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Great news everyone! The #FediLab dev will resume development of his projects and now has some help!

Follow @apps to stay up to date and a message from Tom is available here framagit.org/tom79/fedilab/-/i

@dminca not by us, but there will be an official pixelfed app soon

@penguinF that's normal, it's not supported by the server. It will get fixed eventually on pixelfed's side and then start working in PixelDroid, but I've been told it's not a simple fix so it might take a while

Just pushed a release, this one fixes some bugs introduced in last week's release, and overhauls the post creation process.

Get it here: gitlab.shinice.net/pixeldroid/

I am saddened by the news regarding tom79, it highlights a real problem in the fediverse. So far, our interactions with the community have been great though, so thank you for that 鉂わ笍

@dansup aaaah that's why... Good I saw this before starting to debug :ac_laughter:

@dada @Troll pour une raison que j'ignore, Android Studio met un mimetype de zip sur l'apk. Puis Firefox respecte le mimetype au lieu de l'extension .apk... Bon, en gros c'est pas forc茅ment le gitlab qui est p茅t茅 l脿 en l'occurence.

@iamhabenula Soon? I hope this month. But that's what I hoped last month.

I'm not sure it's up to the level of quality I would expect on the main repo quite yet.

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