@brandon thanks for the kind words! Lots of things left do to and lots of bugs left to fix though. A lot of changes needed server side as well, just look at the "blocked by API issue" tag on our gitlab πŸ˜…

@brandon what's interesting about this it's that it's the second time in the last two months this exact thing happens, last time it was because the sdk does network calls during class initialization(so before the main function of the app),and returning the wrong data there can make it crash apparently...So Facebook literally has the power to deny the apps of most of the tech industry to run. By flipping a switch in their servers.

Blocking those endpoints with PiHole for example fixes the crash

@z428 @pixelfed it's not exposed on the API yet and we can't support stories without that... But we've been told it will be. Eventually.

Plenty of other work to be done on the app anyway, so it's not super urgent.

@david yes, multiple photos at once are possible, but only from the gallery at the moment (not from the camera, or mixed camera/gallery). Hold to select a photo, then you can select more.

The corresponding issue for this is gitlab.shinice.net/pixeldroid/

@ernmander @hrodnand keep in mind we're still in quite early stages :)

Feedback and contributions are welcome of course!

@cbush Kotlin has been a blessing for us, it's a lot better than Java in a lot of little ways. Not saying it's good, just less annoying than Java in our experience.

@mpanhans @FediFollows
Making an iOS app would require as much effort as the Android app, I don't think there's much we could re-use.

Moreover, it's not possible to make an iOS app without (a lot of) proprietary software.

As such, we won't be making an iOS app, but I'm sure one will come along someday ;)

@shreyas @yarmo Not just you, and it always seemed to happen at the most inconvenient time for us

@tarbib @FediFollows you can already get it from IzzyOnDroid's repo, and once out of alpha we will get on the main repo :)

@steffanieswede yes, although I'm not sure it's in a release yet. In any case, that's not really related to our app, you should ask dansup about this πŸ˜‰

@steffanieswede That's OK, we can try to get to the bottom of it on here.

What instance are you using? Does it consistently do this, or did you manage to log in after a few tries? What browser opens when the authentication starts?

2FA can be set up in the account settings, but if you don't know if it is set up it isn't πŸ˜‰ (so it *should* work)

@steffanieswede @FediFollows we moved from github, we now use a gitlab instance: gitlab.shinice.net/pixeldroid/

You can make an account or authenticate with GitHub or gitlab.com

Do you use 2FA by chance? That doesn't work for apps, server-side thing that we can't do anything about :/

@steffanieswede @FediFollows @pixelfed hey, does it show any error in the text box for the instance after it comes back to the sign in screen? Could you maybe open an issue on our gitlab repo? Cheers :)

@foreign_friend @FediFollows @pixelfed it's due to the way it's implemented in pixelfed, apparently it would require a significant rework of the authentication to make it work so I don't think it'll be fixed soon. Nothing can be done on our end sadly.

@marek @pixelfed shipped just means that it's in the develop branch, which should be safe to run in production. I think he still wants to do some things before the next release (like some API fixes he promised πŸ˜‰)

We finally got around to migrating to a GitLab :gitlab: instance. Links have been updated , GitHub :github: repo has been reduced to a mirror, Weblate has been switched to the new repo, CI has been reconfigured, etc.

Development will resume, and contributions are very welcome at gitlab.shinice.net/pixeldroid/

Thanks to @ShinIce for providing the hosting and helping with the migration πŸ˜ƒ

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