Hi everyone,

A new release just came out on F-Droid!

Big update and changes of the colors in the app.

You can now choose a color accent out of the four possible choices, the bottom bar in the main activity was updated to a more "Material 3" look.

This release also adds a new mascot drawing (which I commissioned with funds from NLnet 🇪🇺)

I hope you like it 😄

Have a nice day!

@PixelDroid now if only you could fix the "discover" tab (the one with the magnifying lens icon) so it actually refreshes the pictures on the page, that would be brilliant :D

@antanicus it used to work but pixelfed changed the server api, I will try to take a look at it :)

@PixelDroid brilliant! And many thanks for the outstanding work on the new UI, it fits Lineage OS 19.1 beautifully!

@PixelDroid @antanicus Sorry about that, what endpoint was this? Lmk and I’ll fix it on my end!

@dansup @antanicus I don't think it's something you should "fix", you just changed how the `/api/v1/discover/posts` endpoint behaves (it no longer returns different random posts each time) and I didn't update the UI or incorporate the new endpoints

@PixelDroid could you release the camera when not on the camera tab? Otherwise it's impossible to use the flashlight

@piratenpanda that's the intended functionality but some changes a while back made it break. I will look into it again :)

@PixelDroid also the icons moving at the bottom are a bit distracting to me. It's a matter of taste of course but I still wanted to provide feedback

@PixelDroid also the send comment button now even looks more out of place

@piratenpanda yes I know but since I want to rework the whole comment flow and views I didn't want to do work on that for nothing

@PixelDroid i just found that the red bar from the battery is "shining through" when viewing a single picture. I was worried my screen was broken until I realized it's the empty battery symbol :D

@PixelDroid i guess it's always like this but only the red can be seen when the black border of the image is in the status bar area

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