Been working a lot on design consistency and colours.

Next release will:
* upgrade to Material 3
* let you choose between 4 colour themes!
* maybe include a new, cute, mascot on the splash screen and "About" screens? This depends on the artist's timeline so I don't know yet :)

@PixelDroid I've been meaning to report this for a while:
When you add a 'media description' to an image and the UI is in light mode, the text is black on a dark background. Almost impossible to add text

@rghvdberg yes I know, that should also be better now, although still not great (will try to look into that more some other day)

@PixelDroid hey guys, for some reason pixeldroid does not take as a valid instance URL in the very beginning of the app. Any idea how I can fix that?

@PixelDroid like this happens when I try, even without adding the https part and just typing

@edendestroyer hmm I'm sorry about that... It works fine for me though :/

@PixelDroid ahhhh idk why it does that, if you find any possible work-arounds please let me know

@PixelDroid @edendestroyer No it shows the same for me also. Its not connecting to the instance.

@pixelfed I hope this will be resolved once pixelfed app gets released. Its a huge barrier since only the .social domain is the one that isn't allowed to be used from India.

@edendestroyer @PixelDroid Yeah, i'm from India.
It is working when i connected to a vpn(checked with Netherlands sever).

@Athidhi @PixelDroid yep, looks like an Indian thing then. Do you need to use a VPN just once during the initial setup or every time you open the app after that? Asking because mera bhi yehi problem he

@edendestroyer @PixelDroid
Ooh ok. Now after successful log-in and set-up i disconnected vpn then the app won't even allow me to see post it just crashes.

@PixelDroid are you planning to add, in future rehearse, the possibility of making stories?

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