Someone just translated the whole app into Hungarian! Thanks a lot Balázs! ❤️

If you want to contribute to the translations, please check out

We self-host our weblate instance. If you want to help with the hosting costs, you can donate on

@PixelDroid I've done Dutch translations for Funkwhale, but there I can authenticate weblate using my Github account. Why can't I do that here?

@kerfuffle I haven't configured that, I could look into it if you want?


@kerfuffle should work now! Haven't tested so tell me how it goes

@kerfuffle en bedankt voor de interesse in het vertalen van PixelDroid :)

@PixelDroid It doesn't work, unfortunately. I'll just make an account then.

@kerfuffle fixed it, there was a quoting error in the github api key ^^

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