Another release!

This one has some various improvements, bug fixes.

There are also some big changes in how the feeds are handled internally: they are now cached and should provide better performance and make the app feel smoother. Might still have some rough edges but it's a much better base upon which we can build further.

Check out our latest release here:

Translations ( and issue reports (GitLab or here) welcome!

With ❤️, happy holidays!

@PixelDroid I cannot log in... tried both and instances... maybe it does not support authentication when 2FA is enabled? If my DuckDuckGo Browser is set as my default browser, it won't even go to the instance page, it will perform a browser search... if it's Chrome/Vanadium it will let me log in but it will not get past the page when I click Authorize

@abbluiz yes 2FA accounts don't work with apps yet, it's a server issue and our app will start working as soon as the server fixes it

@PixelDroid Can't install your apk. That's a mystery. Any weird building process ? I can install lots of other app from sources without issue.

@dada It might be some weird thing where APKs generated by Android Studio have a "zip" mimetype instead of one for APKs... Quite annoying, I'll see if I can find a solution

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