We recently did another release, check out the changelogs here:

Mostly some more polishing and bug fixing.

Bigger news to be expected in the coming weeks πŸ˜‰

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@PixelDroid I can't login πŸ˜” This is a bug that I have had since you launched PixelDroid.

I enter the url to the instance I have an account at ( and authorize the login. After that, the app just loads in all eternity.

I don't use any VPN on my phone.

@edgren @PixelDroid Do you use 2FA? They can't support 2FA, Pixelfed's OAuth doesn't support it.

@Matter @PixelDroid Oh. Yeah, I do. So that's why I can't login πŸ˜• What I can remember, the team behind pixelfed are working on an app that do support 2FA logins.

@edgren From what we've heard, the Pixelfed app should also use the API (just like we do), so as soon as it works there, it should start working on our side as well.

Please can you support photos taken in landscape please

@Goldmaster yes this is planned, but in the meantime you can rotate them in the editing activity :)


Did have a look for the option but could not find it. Any chance of coming to @fdroidorg or play store soon?

@Goldmaster it's in the same place as the cropping, if you know where that is.

Yes we will get on the main F-Droid repo soon, you can already use the IzzyOnDroid repo in the meantime:

There are no plans to get onto the Google Play Store.

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