@brandon not as of yet, but we can look into that. I tried setting up a liberapay but it isn't trivial so I have to spend some more time on that.

Did you like the improvements made in the last release? I think we addressed the issues you opened on our tracker, right? (Thank you so much for your contributions btw :ac_heart:)

@PixelDroid I didn't even notice the new release until you just mentioned it! I checked about two weeks ago and didn't see any new release but I'm gonna try it now :D

I ask about the donations because the FOSStodon donation round is coming soon and I wanted to put your project on the radar but I would need a donation link to do that

@brandon oh right, I saw that a bit after answering your toot. I'll get back to you this week about that. Very thoughtful of you :)


@brandon I made this: liberapay.com/PixelDroid/

It was easier than I expected. Thanks for the push

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