We just published our 4th release, with a *lot* of changes and improvements.

Go read the changelog and get the APK here:

Send us feedback: open an issue, use the newly integrated crash report utility if you manage to make it crash, or send us a toot on here!

Also check out @ConnyDuck 's Pixelcat, which is already looking great ❤️

I just published a small bugfix release, adding images was causing the upload process to fail.

@logrus1 yes of course, we'll do that with our 1.0 release! So in a month or two hopefully 😉

@logrus1 you can already get it from @IzzyOnDroid 's repo (although this version might take a while to get on there)

@PixelDroid Will you releasing this app at F-Droid at some point?

@person Yes. You can already use @IzzyOnDroid 's repo until we do the 1.0 release and get it on the main repo 😊

@PixelDroid @person and you can find Pixelcat there, too :awesome:

(PS: the announced update for Pixeldroid will show up in about 4h with the next regular sync)

@realcaseyrollins OK, can you install other APKs? For example F-Droid's apk? What is the error you get when trying to install our APKs?

@PixelDroid @ConnyDuck are you guys planning to fight with each other to see who can make a better :pixelfed: app? :thonking:

@BlackWinnerYoshi @PixelDroid we'll do it like Tusky&Fedilab - support each other because there is enough space for two apps

چطور می‌شه تو اپش لاگین کرد، دانیال؟

@Salizan باید روی یه نمونهٔ پیکسل‌فد حساب داشته باشی قبلش

@Salizan خب اسم نمونه رو می‌زنی، می‌بردت که وارد شی

اسم رو زدم ولی خطا می‌ده.🤦🏽‍♂️

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