Uploaded from PixelDroid, we're doing some work to the login process and compatibility with non-Pixelfed instances :)

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@PixelDroid when will logging in to a 2FA-protected account work? Or is it an issue with Pixelfed itself?

@BlackWinnerYoshi It's an issue with Pixelfed itself. As soon as it's fixed on their end, it will work in the app without required changes. It's apparently not trivial to fix, requiring a significant change to how Pixelfed's authentication works, according to @dansup.

You can follow progress on this issue here, although on our side it doesn't need anything to be done:

@PixelDroid @dansup Well, I guess I'll keep using a PWA for my Pixelfed account (@BlackWinnaYoshi), since I don't need multi account support and whatever functions PixelDroid has that Pixelfed doesn't

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