Been doing some work on the app, trying to make the login process more robust and warning users if they're not logging in to a Pixelfed instance. Also trying to reduce technical debt somewhat.

What is the n° 1 thing you want fixed, changed or added first in PixelDroid? Answer here, or open an issue in our GitLab so we can get to it 😉


In other news, we need a new name 😢

Just like Davx5 (formerly DavDroid), we judge it too risky to keep this name, lest a certain megacorp comes knocking.

Suggestions welcome. I was thinking something to do with a red panda or its genus, since that is the Pixelfed mascot, but other ideas are also welcome!

@edgren @danialbehzadi the genus of the red panda is "Ailurus". It is the only species of that genus.

@PixelDroid Here's some suggestions:

Gazo fido (image feed in Japanese).

Pictura (picture in Latin).

Amnis pictura or Amnis imago (picture stream or image stream in Latin).

I am a sucker for Latin and Japanese 😂 Personally, I like the name Pictura. It has a good feel when you say in out loud.

@PixelDroid @PixelDroid how about just PIX? Regarding the logo and mascot why not speak to @davidrevoy He did a great mascot for peertube:)

@PixelDroid Some variations - Red Pixel, Pixel Panda, Pixda or Pixeda

or "Bamboo" - what the red panda likes :)

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