We've applied for an grant, let's see what comes of it. If we get it, it should help us to free up substantially more time to work on the project. Development has not stopped, merely slowed down while most our contributors are busy with personal stuff for a while.

We expect another alpha release near the end of August, with mostly internal changes, and development will pick up again about mid September. We are still somewhat waiting on a lot of server-side API changes and fixes though.

@PixelDroid Hopefully the next alpha release will fix the login for me 🙂 It's stuck on the loading screen after I've authorized the login.

@PixelDroid Sorry, but I don't use GitLab 🙂

Yepp, I do. Will the next alpha support it?

@edgren No changes to the app are required for 2FA to work. As soon as it is fixed server-side, it will start working.

Ask dansup to integrate 2FA into OAuth authentication ;)
(he knows already, but since it will require significant changes to the authentication internals, he won't have time for that for a bit)

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